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Wednesday, December 28, 2016

Phone Game 6 - The End Game

Everyone was in shock to hear Buchi was taken in as his Sister’s killer plus singled out as both Mary and the police lady’s killer. His mum actually fainted when the police came to arrest him. His Dad, well, wasn’t surprised at all. He knew Buchi had some animalistic instinct. He had loved killing birds as a kid then dogs as a teen. They never kept any pets cause of him. It was a sad day; they were losing both their kids and it felt…bad. They were both bad parents.

Buchi won’t have been singled out as his sister’s killer but it so happened that on that faithful day the female police visited their home and took him on a ride, she went missing then five days after, her body was found floating at bar beach. Her uniform ripped off, body badly battered and she obviously was raped with a strange device as her private part was highly mutilated. This made the detectives more determined to find their killer and it didn’t take long at all.
Mary and Hassan ran to the police to report a threat. They had been getting blackmail letters especially Mary who was often called a betrayer in the mails. The mailer said Trisha was angry that Mary was sleeping with her boyfriend and wanted Trisha dead. The police found it very awkward and didn’t react immediately to it as the mails didn’t read the same as the ones Trisha got plus Mary got only one phone call while Trisha got a lot. A week after, Hassan came back to report that Mary was missing. They also didn’t take that serious as they noticed she had packed some of her things so they figured she was running away from the blackmailer. Then they found her mutilated body just hours after they found their fellow police body. They had been raped by the same instrument and it didn’t take a rocket scientist to find out Trisha was raped too by the same instrument. This made them know the killer was around and he was getting more dangerous.

The detective had to confiscate Mary’s Laptop, flash drive, hard drive and some CDs to find out who the real killer was. This was after they released the one night stand Trisha had cause the two killings happened while he was still in custody and instead, they arrested Hassan and tortured him too since he was connected to the two ladies. He was though released hours after when their police mate’s body was found. They knew they had to find the real killer and fast.  

Mary’s laptop had more sex videos than mails. It was obvious she had a hidden camera in Trisha’s room and was spying on her girlfriend plus recording it. It was obvious she never really looked through all the videos just a few that had Hassan and her in it. The videos were very erotic and the detectives found it a bit unsettling when they saw Trisha and her Mum having sex. Her mum was actually lecturing her on how to please while inflicting pain on her. Funny, Trisha was enjoying the pain as her mum licked, sucked and fucked her at intervals while whipping, slapping and hitting her at intervals too. They had sex in the kitchen while learning to cook and set the dinner table. Anytime Trisha did it wrong, the mum spanked her ass with a cook stick and when it was red, she used ice in her mouth to soothe the pain. At a point, she made Trisha kneel and suck her pussy while she whipped her back with a napkin; Telling her to eat her pussy like a bad girl that she was. It was such a strange scene to watch but they had to watch it, every one video to the end. None could stay up all through as they had hard-on and wetness and had to walk it out before returning to watch again. It was the strangest crime watch ever.

It got worse when a video showed Trisha and her dad arguing about her sleeping with her father’s new wife’s driver. Worst still when it became obvious he was also sleeping with her as he begged her to screw him. They ended up fucking at the door way between the kitchen and living room. she was stiff but he was having the time of his life. After he finished, she showed him to the door and he left weeping, begging her to love him again.

There where series of her fucking Hassan, Mary, other guys and girls. Some orgies, some of her masturbating and others, she was fucking her neighbour’s dog. It was a strange world, one they had never experienced then they stumbled on the video that made their cold case go warm again.

He always wore a mask when he came to visit. She, Trisha was very fond of him. He always appeared at mid night. Some times in Halloween costumes. She too always waited for him in sexy costumes then one night, he stumbled on a young man as he left the apartment at mid night and he got into a rage and hit her. She was shocked and called him a pet name. He hit her again as she fell hard to the ground bleeding from the mouth and he stormed out. She cried for a while then reached for her phone and called him, luckily for them, she put it on speaker.

Buchi I am so sorry it won’t happen again I promise

You know mid night is my time with you. I leave you to fuck whoever you want and whenever you want but not at my time

Then the line went dead. After that, no video of him again but that was when she started getting the strange calls. On a faithful night, the mask guy returned. She was so happy to see him and jumped on him but he pushed her away. Walked straight into the living room and ripped off his clothes, laid on the sofa and looked at her. She slowly took off her clothes and climbed him, fucking him gently then suddenly, he pushed her off. She slammed her head on the ground and cried as he grabbed her by her hair and dragged her to the room. Turned her over and fucked her pretty hard in the ass until she bleed then he cleaned her as she wept. He told her to stop crying but she didn’t then he started beating her, he beat her till she fainted and the creepiest thing happened. He started fucking her limp body. He was so excited he jumped off and got one of her toys and started fucking her with it, pushing so hard inside her that she woke up in pain. He then kissed her and left.

Two days later he appeared again doing the same thing. He stripped and laid on her bed. She stripped and joined him. After that, he told her to call Mary to join them. She refused at first and he slapped her. She tried to tell him Mary was cheating on her with her own boyfriend but he slapped her again and said …

Like you have never betrayed someone in your life and slept with their lover

He ordered her to call Mary and she did.

She first gave him a show before taking Mary into the room. Mary didn’t recognize him and that was only because he was having on his usual mask. They had a three some and he left. That morning, Mary was so happy to be back with Trisha that she woke Trisha up with cunnilingus. They made love for hours and while they were having breakfast, Mary asked who the guy was and Trisha said her brother. Mary was shocked and in anger, she stormed out of the house.

Police now knew who the masked man was. It clicked; the name and now the mention that he was her brother. So it was just full prove when 10 videos after, they saw the mask man come in at his usual time to find Trisha, naked,  but not waiting for him instead, she was in bed with another man. He woke her with a kiss, took her to the living room and made her give him a head as he choked her to tears. He then whispered in her ears. She got up, walked to the room and woke the guy on her bed, showing him the door. The sleepy guy woke up, didn’t notice the masked man in the living room, and just took his clothes in shock and left…naked.

That was when he hit her with something that looked like a base ball bat only it had thorns all around it. They had just found their murder weapon and the video of the death of Trisha.
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