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Wednesday, May 28, 2014

The Filters 3

   Sirens wailed and he popped his head up, the steering wheel was moist with tears and snot. A crowd had gathered round the gate and the Medical Personnel asked them to clear a path. Hakim watched listlessly through his car window with watery eyes. He'd been in her apartment 3 minutes ago, he knew what the paramedics would soon find out, she was already dead and no amount of haste was going to change that. He'd been first to arrive at the scene heeding a cryptic and ominous call. She was breathing heavily, and he couldn't see her but he knew she was crying, he'd already thrown on a coat and grabbed his keys by the time she asked him to come to her rescue. Call the police, on second thought, call an ambulance, she uttered a faint ok, and that was the last word she said to him, he left the line open, trying to get her to tell him she's fine, trying to get any response at all as he made the Ten minute drive to her apartment.Upon his arrival her living room was in disarray, she'd obviously put up a fight but the intruder or intruders overpowered her. It didn't seem liked she'd endured any sexual abuse, but she'd been stabbed, and her weave-on was matted with blood, the sight brought him to his knees and he bawled into her neck. He eventually composed himself and called the medics, he could barely tell them anything, grief overwhelmed him and he was like an engine running on fumes, he'd talk then break down, then repeat, finally he gave them her name and address, they asked him to remain calm and stay by her side. And he did, for 11minutes he watched her lifeless body as her blood crept further into the parlor. For a moment he tried to pretend that maybe she was just asleep, and it was one of those restless nights where he stayed up and watched her dream, but his imagination was hard-pressed. Her eyes didn't twitch like they did those nights, nor did she mutter incoherent words, her chest didn't rise and fall like calm waves. She was dead, through and through. So he quit, he left the apartment, he knew he wasn't leaving her behind, the woman he loved was no longer there, so he went to his car and mourned. Now the tardy Medics where wheeling her into a van, to them it was just another body, to him, it was a breaking point.

  "They killed her man, they..they.."
Seun ran his hands through his low cut hair, as he listened to his best friend whom he had known for the past 12 years lament.He didn't know what to do, or what to say, so he continued to scrape his hear, trying to conjure as much emotion as he could facially.It wasn't that he didn't feel any grief, Sarah was after all a friend, but he wasn't  able to display emotion, not since his parents died.

"Listen man, I'm so sorry, I really am." he said, he wasn't very adept at consoling either, and as his hands dropped into his pocket, it yearned for the comforting feel of a Cigarette pack, there was none.

"I just can't...I didn't think they'd...."

Seun knew who the "they" was, he also knew that they'd warned them several times not to draw someone in too close, so close that you tell them what it is you do in the dark.

"Yeah well man, you know how it is, young female, living alone, easy target, you know they're lazy."

"Yes! But, I didn't think...oh my god you should have seen Sarahhhh!"
Seun thought Hakim was being a tad over dramatic. What had happened was to be expected, which is why he'd settled for one night stands and quickies in  restrooms. He knew the risks of caring for someone, even something. Hakim on the other hand was reckless, he had a knack for not believing something could happen  until it did. Now here he was sulking with a mouth full of saliva, and a face as contorted as an acrobats body.Worst of all Seun was now charged with the responsibility of putting humpty dumpty back together.

"Listen man, it's not the end of the world, you've gotta get yourself together, you don't want them to get agitated, don't make them think you're going to do something stupid..."

 Kehinde sniffed in snot, as though he could smell the truth in what Seun was saying.

"You're right, they have to pay for this...", He said, wiping his eyes with his sleeves, making room for the fire. "They will pay!!..."

"Oh come on man, I know it's grief that's talking, but don't be stupid, you can't go up against The Filters, heck you don't even know if they're the ones who did it, I even called Jude and told him what happened, he was callous about it as expected, but he didn't take credit, so it probably wasn't them"

"But Who else Seun?Who else, would break into Sarah's house, kill her and not steal anything?ehn? Tell me!."

"I don't know man, but the more I think about it, the more I doubt it, it's not their M.O, The old man detests dropping bodies, we both know that."

"Yes, but not Jude, that bastards had it in for me ever since the day we met, this has his name written all over it, him and that two legged pitbull he drags around with him."

"Ok, well, maybe you're right, but let's not jump to conclusions." Seun was certain Hakim wasn't  right, the more he thought about it, the less likely it seemed, but he also knew Misery not only loves company, but commands it, so he played along.

"I know how to get them back, I know, I just need.."

Seun swung an arm around his shoulder and pulled him in close, like he often did after a lost match when they were kids.

"You know I've gotta be straight with you and say you're acting like a little bitch. Sarah dies and suddenly you think that gives you the right to act like Romeo? nigga please, I was there all those nights you found comfort between other girls legs, so let's not pretend you felt deeply for the girl."

"You're wrong man, I swear you're wrong, I did love her, but I admit I  treated her bad, and that's why it's much worse, she gave the last year of her life to me, when I wasn't even worth it, and now she's dead because of me..." a new wave of tears came streaming down his face and Seun uncomfortably pulled him closer.He would have to see for himself if Hakims suspicions were warranted.

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