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Friday, November 9, 2018

Is It Not Sex!

Is it not sex. Abeg
Loins against pelvic
Sound in sound
Saliva mix in throaty grunts
As sweat perfumes the room
Nose itch
Tongues lick

Is it not sex, ta
Heartbeats rhythmic
Some laugh, Some choke
Others cry as…
Cumming becomes them
Clits itch
Dicks twitch

Sex becomes them

Friday, May 25, 2018

Stories that touch - She is bae

It was a tough day. The sun was blazing hot and I could feel sweat dripping down my back. I looked round for a cold drink as the horns blare, trying to out sound each other. Lagos traffic na wa, ha! I thought as I waved a hawker selling cold drinks. Suddenly, from nowhere, her car drove up to my side and I stared at the thick long human hair. She turned, and our eyes met. She gave me a smile and then drove away. Like a flash, I sensed a longing and noticed I had held my breath. She was stuning was all I thought of as I drove into our compound.

Wow tough day hun?

Bode asked as I walked into our apartment. I could only nod my head as I flung the keys towards the dinner.

Guy Island na korect place sha

I said as I slumped into a sofa

Na now you dey know?

Bode said as he reached for the fridge and took out two bottles of chilled soft drinks

If you see the babe wey I see for traffic today, shit menh you go love

Bode laughed and walked towards me
You and babes sha, when you go toast one make we rest know say you don hook up?

Leave that side abi you nor know say na money you dey take find beta geyfriend?

Hmm tell me something

Bode said, leaning against the sofa

See the kin babe wey I see today for traffic, only her appearance pass half a mill I mean her car alone, given the wear and tear fit cost 500gs then that her human her nor fit cost less than 100k so last-last, the babe don dey 1m levels that na my salary for 3months. Tell me, how I wan take maintain am?

At that instance, I noticed the bottles in Bode’s hands

Come who get those drinks wey you dey hold for hand so?

Bode laughed but before he could say anything, a tall sexy babe in bum shorts, black long human hair as fine as a horse tail, fling about as she catwalked, boobs bouncing under a crop top, came out of his room and walked towards him. She gave him a perk on the cheek, took a bottle, managed to wave at me and headed back to the room

 My jaws dropped as I pointed to her leave and muttered to Bode

Baa-baa-babe from the trafffii….

Bode’s eyes opened wide, looked towards his room door and then towards me in surprised humor. I could just feel him chuckle.

Tuesday, May 22, 2018

Stories that touch - She had it coming

She looked bored. Maybe I should stroll over there and offer her a drink. Maybe I should walk by, drop a pen and brush her as I make to pick it up. Oh! Crap, Tega thought to himself as he walked up to her and introduced himself. She said ‘Hi’ and looked away. He coughed, ordered a drink and walked away.

Shit menh! See how dem just butcher this babe like small chops

Which babe?

I asked as I ran towards Bode, grabbed his phone and started reading.
We just took a break from our usual early morning game-time. He had given me 3 K.O’s and I was yet to beat him.
My eyes popped as I recognized the face the face on the screen. Major flash back…the full sexy lips shaped in a pout... the mole just above her right eye... the sexy tattoo above her left breast...

See me see trouble yee!

I exclaimed as shock drew a tight fist on my face

 na the babe naaa... wawuuuu!

Which babe?

Bode asked as he tried to view the screen from over my shoulders

Kai sabi you see now, you see all im shakara wey e end now!

See wetin, which babe? Tega talk na make I grab ya levels; who she be?

Na that babe wey I tell you about, that babe wey just do me film trick turn me cappo sake of say I try talk to am

Guy either you talk or you keep firm. How I wan know the babe on top plenty babes wey you don tell me about?

My friend try grab me. Na that babe of yesternight. The one wey I tell you say wan look like Naomi Cambell, wey I try, tire, to scoop she bluff me waka

Ah! Are you seeeerious?

Bode asked as he grabbed his phone from me and looked at the face on the screen. He turned slowly and looked at me, shaking his head

See life, maybe she for never kpeme now if she bin follow you

Abi o chei, waste of better pomo… 

Wednesday, December 28, 2016

Phone Game 6 - The End Game

Everyone was in shock to hear Buchi was taken in as his Sister’s killer plus singled out as both Mary and the police lady’s killer. His mum actually fainted when the police came to arrest him. His Dad, well, wasn’t surprised at all. He knew Buchi had some animalistic instinct. He had loved killing birds as a kid then dogs as a teen. They never kept any pets cause of him. It was a sad day; they were losing both their kids and it felt…bad. They were both bad parents.

Buchi won’t have been singled out as his sister’s killer but it so happened that on that faithful day the female police visited their home and took him on a ride, she went missing then five days after, her body was found floating at bar beach. Her uniform ripped off, body badly battered and she obviously was raped with a strange device as her private part was highly mutilated. This made the detectives more determined to find their killer and it didn’t take long at all.
Mary and Hassan ran to the police to report a threat. They had been getting blackmail letters especially Mary who was often called a betrayer in the mails. The mailer said Trisha was angry that Mary was sleeping with her boyfriend and wanted Trisha dead. The police found it very awkward and didn’t react immediately to it as the mails didn’t read the same as the ones Trisha got plus Mary got only one phone call while Trisha got a lot. A week after, Hassan came back to report that Mary was missing. They also didn’t take that serious as they noticed she had packed some of her things so they figured she was running away from the blackmailer. Then they found her mutilated body just hours after they found their fellow police body. They had been raped by the same instrument and it didn’t take a rocket scientist to find out Trisha was raped too by the same instrument. This made them know the killer was around and he was getting more dangerous.

The detective had to confiscate Mary’s Laptop, flash drive, hard drive and some CDs to find out who the real killer was. This was after they released the one night stand Trisha had cause the two killings happened while he was still in custody and instead, they arrested Hassan and tortured him too since he was connected to the two ladies. He was though released hours after when their police mate’s body was found. They knew they had to find the real killer and fast.  

Mary’s laptop had more sex videos than mails. It was obvious she had a hidden camera in Trisha’s room and was spying on her girlfriend plus recording it. It was obvious she never really looked through all the videos just a few that had Hassan and her in it. The videos were very erotic and the detectives found it a bit unsettling when they saw Trisha and her Mum having sex. Her mum was actually lecturing her on how to please while inflicting pain on her. Funny, Trisha was enjoying the pain as her mum licked, sucked and fucked her at intervals while whipping, slapping and hitting her at intervals too. They had sex in the kitchen while learning to cook and set the dinner table. Anytime Trisha did it wrong, the mum spanked her ass with a cook stick and when it was red, she used ice in her mouth to soothe the pain. At a point, she made Trisha kneel and suck her pussy while she whipped her back with a napkin; Telling her to eat her pussy like a bad girl that she was. It was such a strange scene to watch but they had to watch it, every one video to the end. None could stay up all through as they had hard-on and wetness and had to walk it out before returning to watch again. It was the strangest crime watch ever.

It got worse when a video showed Trisha and her dad arguing about her sleeping with her father’s new wife’s driver. Worst still when it became obvious he was also sleeping with her as he begged her to screw him. They ended up fucking at the door way between the kitchen and living room. she was stiff but he was having the time of his life. After he finished, she showed him to the door and he left weeping, begging her to love him again.

There where series of her fucking Hassan, Mary, other guys and girls. Some orgies, some of her masturbating and others, she was fucking her neighbour’s dog. It was a strange world, one they had never experienced then they stumbled on the video that made their cold case go warm again.

He always wore a mask when he came to visit. She, Trisha was very fond of him. He always appeared at mid night. Some times in Halloween costumes. She too always waited for him in sexy costumes then one night, he stumbled on a young man as he left the apartment at mid night and he got into a rage and hit her. She was shocked and called him a pet name. He hit her again as she fell hard to the ground bleeding from the mouth and he stormed out. She cried for a while then reached for her phone and called him, luckily for them, she put it on speaker.

Buchi I am so sorry it won’t happen again I promise

You know mid night is my time with you. I leave you to fuck whoever you want and whenever you want but not at my time

Then the line went dead. After that, no video of him again but that was when she started getting the strange calls. On a faithful night, the mask guy returned. She was so happy to see him and jumped on him but he pushed her away. Walked straight into the living room and ripped off his clothes, laid on the sofa and looked at her. She slowly took off her clothes and climbed him, fucking him gently then suddenly, he pushed her off. She slammed her head on the ground and cried as he grabbed her by her hair and dragged her to the room. Turned her over and fucked her pretty hard in the ass until she bleed then he cleaned her as she wept. He told her to stop crying but she didn’t then he started beating her, he beat her till she fainted and the creepiest thing happened. He started fucking her limp body. He was so excited he jumped off and got one of her toys and started fucking her with it, pushing so hard inside her that she woke up in pain. He then kissed her and left.

Two days later he appeared again doing the same thing. He stripped and laid on her bed. She stripped and joined him. After that, he told her to call Mary to join them. She refused at first and he slapped her. She tried to tell him Mary was cheating on her with her own boyfriend but he slapped her again and said …

Like you have never betrayed someone in your life and slept with their lover

He ordered her to call Mary and she did.

She first gave him a show before taking Mary into the room. Mary didn’t recognize him and that was only because he was having on his usual mask. They had a three some and he left. That morning, Mary was so happy to be back with Trisha that she woke Trisha up with cunnilingus. They made love for hours and while they were having breakfast, Mary asked who the guy was and Trisha said her brother. Mary was shocked and in anger, she stormed out of the house.

Police now knew who the masked man was. It clicked; the name and now the mention that he was her brother. So it was just full prove when 10 videos after, they saw the mask man come in at his usual time to find Trisha, naked,  but not waiting for him instead, she was in bed with another man. He woke her with a kiss, took her to the living room and made her give him a head as he choked her to tears. He then whispered in her ears. She got up, walked to the room and woke the guy on her bed, showing him the door. The sleepy guy woke up, didn’t notice the masked man in the living room, and just took his clothes in shock and left…naked.

That was when he hit her with something that looked like a base ball bat only it had thorns all around it. They had just found their murder weapon and the video of the death of Trisha.
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Friday, September 9, 2016

The Phone Game 5

      He hadn’t always hated his daughter Ngozi or Trisha like she loves to be called. In short he loved her. His love for her drove him into the hands of her classmate.

He remembered that night like if it was yesterday. He had come home to meet his wife screwing the driver. It was not planned no, it just happened by accident. His trip ended earlier and he forgot to call home to say he will be arriving a day early. He just wanted to get home as the business deal did not work out as he expected, in short, he lost the deal and was in a very bad mood. So imagine walking in on your wife as your driver gives her a head on your bed. She was moaning, screaming out his name like she had never done with him, her own husband. She never let him eat her, never even let him touch her all cause of this dirty looking illiterate of a driver.

They were bought lucky he didn’t have a gun, he would have killed them both especially her instead he pushed recognition out of Lateef’s face and gave his wife the slap of her life before throwing both of them out, butt naked. So that people could see their shame and laugh at them. The pain was so deep that he was drunk before 14years old Ngozi arrived from school. She didn’t even bother to ask for their mum cause she knew how her mum loved to hangout with friends without informing them.

Ngozi however, was shocked to see her dad drunk and walked up to me, in my drunken state, asking what was wrong with me. She was always that caring. I rested my head on her tummy and cried as she stood above me, petting me. Then it happened. She lifted my face and gave me an innocent perk on the lips but her eyes, her eyes reminded me of her mum and all I thought was to punish Amara. I grabbed Ngozi by the neck and kissed her so deeply without think. She cried and tried to push me away but instead, I tore off her clothes and squeezed her small round boobs in my hand. Instantly, I had a hard on and my lips went down and sucked hard on her left nipple. She tried hard to push me off begging…

Daddy please stop, daddy don’t do this pls

I didn’t listen to her. I stuffed her bra into her mouth to stop her from screaming as I forced her on the fluffy carpet and, tore of her pants with my left hands while my right held her down. I couldn’t see her face or the tears as they fell all I saw was the soft looking puff of her virgin pussy n I went hard on it. Sucking and licking as moans escaped in-between her cry for help. When I felt she was went enough, still sucking her and holding her down with one hand, I zipped down, pulled my trouser low and penetrated. She screamed, a loud scream as my hard dick tore her hymen and then she stopped to scream while I continued pounding, before I knew it, I exploded inside her and fell on her into deep sleep.


In the morning I remembered it all and felt so guilty. I was so ashamed to look at her as I walked in on her preparing breakfast. I tried to apologize, drew her close crying but she stopped me from speaking; with a finger and then started kissing my tears. I pushed her away but she stopped me with a stern look and told me not to stop her as she went down and started sucking my limp dick to a hard on. We made love in the kitchen, in the living room and in both our bedrooms. She didn’t go to school for the rest of the week as we kept fucking each other. I fell in-love with her but she, she didn’t give a rat ass about me. Instead, as Buchi finally returned from school, she started doing him too. She was 16 at that time and had fully blown to a sexy damsel.

I caught them making out in his room. I was so angry and let her know it. She told me if she could fuck me then she could fuck him too. I wanted to make her jealous so I started sleeping with one of her classmates. That got her worse as she totally stopped fucking me and started fucking a guy in her class and our neighbor's husband. To make her really angry, I eloped with her classmate. In return, she moved to school and lived with her boyfriend while screwing everyone I knew; From my partners to my staff to my new wife’s driver. That was just the icing on the cake.

Like mother like daughter. 

Sunday, August 28, 2016

The Phone Game 4

Trisha’s Mum couldn’t help crying all through the investigation. She had heard things she never believed her sweet lil Ngozi could do. They must be lies, she said. Ngozi is still a virgin and she will be buried in white to prove that. Trisha’s Dad however didn’t doubt a thing. He knew his daughter was a slut just like her mother. They just loved to pretend or assume they were saints. He was sad his daughter was dead but he didn’t care. She deserved everything that happened to her

You do not look sad at all about the death of your daughter, why?

He looked up at the detective and smiled. Got up, went to the mini bar and poured himself a shot of whisky

I cannot bring her back from the dead detective, I am just sad she didn’t change before she died but then; all sinners must face the consequence

How dare you Emmy, how dear you talk about your dead daughter like that emeka? She was a saint, a saint and she will go to heaven, she is in heave. You caused all this when you eloped and married your own daughter’s classmate. A child Emeka, you are the sinner

Trisha’s mum broke down wailing as her eldest son consoled her. Her Father grinned and sipped on his drink. He walked to the window and looked out as the detectives wonder what other hidden secrets the family are hiding.  Buchi shook his head at his dad and hugged his mum as he took an excuse to leave. One of the detectives volunteered to drive him back to school and he agreed

Will you like to talk about how your daughter felt when you married her classmate?

No detective, I will not talk about how I live my life. My children have no say in the way I live or who I choose to spend the rest of my life with. If their mother was not such a slut, sleeping with the driver and my staff, I would not have been pushed into the arms of a younger, more beautiful, more loving younger woman.

Trisha’s mum couldn’t take it anymore as she ran up to her room, wailing more. The detective tried to stop her but her husband stopped him instead

Don’t even try it, she might end up fucking you too

The detective was more than shocked at Trisha’s father’s statement as he looked up towards the room and back at the father who drank his whisky in a gulp and poured another, offering the detective who refused.

On their ride back, Buchi kept staring out the window, lost in thoughts and smiled at intervals. He was close to his sister. He loved her. Their closeness was not the usual sibling’s kind of one, they truly loved each other and they showed it in every way they could. At that moment he shrugged, wondering if the dad knew about their love.

You seem lost; I bet you were very close to your sister?

Yes I was detective, she was my best friend

At that moment he smiled and the detective wondered why he did

See, my sister was a true genius; she knew how to make every man feel good and loved. She was always by my side no matter what. She was soft and gentle, not the kind of person anyone will want to hurt

A tear dropped down his eyes as he sobbed silently. The detective handed him a tissue while trying to grab his body language

You said your sister knew how to make a man happy but how come your father doesn’t like her

My father doesn’t understand women. He wants to rule them and treat them like children. He doesn’t know they have a mind of their own. Their tenderness makes any man feel good. Their lips speak life to a man even to his body. She was in every way a woman, a woman who knew how to please her men

The detective shrugged at that as it sounded too sexual and she wondered, could brother and sister be having a sexual relationship? Buchi turned to look at her at that moment and smiled

Bet you can never understand that. I love my sister more than I have ever loved any woman. She was there for me through the heart aches and she soothed it, I wish I was there for her

He looked out the window again as he reminisced the good times. He will never get to kiss her soft lips again or feel her fingers trace his spinal cord as her teeth softly bite his buttocks. He will never feel her soft hands gently caress his manhood as she gently kisses round his balls. He picked up his phone to look at the last picture she sent him, she was the best; the best he had ever had. He got so hard thinking about the sexting they did as he read the chats. More tears dripped down his eyes.

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The detective stared at his hard-on, more shocked at the size than the fact he was having a hard on at this moment. She wished she could bend down and suck it, take everything in her mouth. She rubbed against her thighs and kept on driving, biting down on her on her lower lip. 

Sunday, June 12, 2016

The Phone Game 3

Hassan couldn’t help but think what a slut he had for a girlfriend. Yes he had cheated on her with her best friend but that was cause of her double life. She was a slut and she deserved death.  The police had been to his, he was even invited to the station for questioning. Mary advised him to go…

Be calm, say the truth but not everything

She had said. They had decided to keep their affair from the police so it doesn’t raise an eye brow. He didn’t love Mary, he never did. She was not as pretty and as social as Trisha. They were all high school classmates but he and Trisha dated in their final year. He was the reason she came to UNIBEN, They even stayed together in her first year. He had gotten admission a year before she did. She was pure and innocent then though, he knew he didn’t disvirgin her but he never questioned her sexuality. Now, she is the slut of the campus and she always knew how to make him believe her lies but…not any more, dead bodies can’t lie.

‘I knew Trisha since high school. She didn’t like to be called Ngozi. It reminded her of her Dad and they both are not in good terms. We started dating in our final year then I got admission into UNIBEN while she failed JAMB but the following year, she got hers and moved in with me instead of living in the hostel. We were inseparable; voted best couple on campus and most wanted couple. Then the following year, she insisted she wanted to live in her own apartment. ‘

‘Why did she insist, was there a fight?’

‘Not really; I, as she said, was ‘policing’ her (no offence). She use to come back home late at night ricking of alcohol or weed. She will then lie she had been reading and some engineering boys were smoking behind her or that she took just a sip from a friend. Her hair, usually messed up with sand sometimes tangled inside. I knew she was being inducted in the campus life, she is a socialite and loved it; the attention, the entertainment, the crazy life style. I saw a different Trisha no let me say, I saw TRISHA and Ngozi, totally GONE. ‘

‘Is this why you tried to get back at her by sleeping with her best friend, then when she didn’t care you murdered her?’

‘(Shouting) I didn’t kill her and…(softly) sleeping with Mary wasn’t exactly a plan to get back at her. It was just to make her hurt like she made me hurt but I didn’t kill her. How come you even know about Mary?’

‘That is beside the point’  Investigator Peter said

‘Just tell us what we need to know and you are free to go if, it’s the truth’

‘It’s the truth. I slept with Mary to hurt Trisha like she hurt me, I don’t love Mary but she has been a friend and I need a friend. One I can trust and on campus, you do not have many of such friends. I found out Trisha had slept with two classmates of mine and my former room mate. She denied of course but the rumours had elements of truth. They were nights she cameback late looking slutty. Her dress sense changed and she started showing more cleavages and our sex life became… lets just say, she became distant’.

Flashes of Trisha and I in bed brought back painful memories. I had loved her, probably still do. She was not the most beautiful girl I had ever seen but she had this sexiness that came natural to her especially when she laughs. She loved sex I must say. We use to enjoy sex or should I say I use to enjoy fucking her cause after a while, she told me my sex was boring and that is why I made sure Mary screamed anytime I fucked her.
Trisha wasn’t as nice as she used to be back at home. She changed, school changed her or maybe, brought out the bad in her cause as far back as I can remember, she was the one who kissed me on our first kiss and it was so passionate. She did something with her tongue as if searching for my heart and it stole it. She also was the one who initiated the BJ, I was driving and she told me to concentrate as she zipped me down and sucked me. I didn’t concentrate, it was my first time, I just got back from my matriculation and she was giving me a welcome home I missed you suck. A suck that saw my Dad grounding me and his car, tolled to a mechanic shop.

When she came to school, I initiated the sex on her first night. I didn’t care she took me in without a glitch. I didn’t recognised then she wasn’t a virgin. I just loved the way she wiggled her waist as I fucked her gently, the soft moans that escaped her lips, the soft grab of my butt as fingers dug in anythime I hit a spot. She loved to scream

Fuck me, shit, fuck me, yes, yes shit…
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That, always, let me put it in pidgin, Plait my dada. I loved fucking her, I even fucked her in the ass once and she didn’t refuse, she loved the pain, she loved my big dick inside her. At least that is what I thought until I saw the video….

Mary was a different ball game, she fucked like an old school girl but she loved fucking Trisha, I use to watch them together, it was fun. We had a threesome once that was what even gave me the confidence to approach and fuck Mary. Mary loved to kiss and touch before sex, I didn’t mind; I loved to kiss and play games but who doesn’t.

We were alone at home in Trisha’s house, Mary and I; Trisha had gone to get lunch. We had being sipping on JD and I knew she was light headed so I asked

‘What do you like in a man?’

She looked at me and smiled


I just leaned over and kissed her. She pulled back, surprised but I dragged her closer again and kissed her hard, she tried to pull away saying in-between kisses

‘Stop, Trisha, she would soon be back’

‘Then let’s be fast about it’

‘No, please’

She tried to struggle but I pinned her down and tore off her top. She cried a little but it soon turned to moans as I pulled up her skirt and inserted by big jimmy into her.  She loved my dick she once told me, the only dick she loved. Yes, I fucked her hard with all the bitterness I felt, the betrayer, the lies. I fucked her real hard she bleed a little and then the door bell rang. She ran to dress up, sobbing as she ran. I got up naked and opened the door to a shocked Trisha. She saw her friend's cum all over my dick, she didn’t need to be told what went on, I saw the tears build in her eyes as her lips twisted in anger and all I said, with a wicked grin was…

‘Care to join us?’

Sunday, May 29, 2016

The Phone Game 2

  It had to be him, it just has to be, she said as she broke down in tears. Her best friend had been murdered, her body mutilated, disrespected and left for flies to perch on and people to see her nakedness. Her body, no longer as sexy as it use to be. Her long legs all stained with blood. Yes she had been raped but not with a dick, no one could tell what was used but it sure made a mess of her insides.

Flashes of our last night together came in spasms. We had a great relationship, we had sex most of the time, we loved to explore each other’s body; More for the fun of it than for a real sexual partnership. She had a sexy red under wear on, she had asked me how she looked. Should she leave her hair flowing or should she pack it up in a knot and wear the good school girl look. I laughed at that cause she was no good school girl, she was the baddest school girl I have ever met, Trisha, like she loved to be called, had fucked all the ‘it’ guys in school and made it look like a child’s game. She even fucked all the meanest girls and got them fighting for her. I on the other hand, was lucky, I was her childhood bestie and roommate so, and she never dumped me. I loved her, oh! How I loved her.

I never slept with a man except she told me to; she made me experience what it was to enjoy fucking. Our first encounter together, I arrived school, happy to have gained admission at last and into my dream school most especially, happy that I will be united with my bestie again and this time, never having to pay for an apartment as I was going to live with her. That night was a celebration; I had my first champagne and felt a sweet sensation between my legs. Trisha noticed and asked me how I felt but I just giggled, she came too close and I held my breath as she breathlessly told me to take off my dress. I did that without hesitation, not wanting to offend her as she had a bad temper. That was when I experienced a girl to girl action. She looked deep into my eyes and squeezed my nipples gently. I let out a soft moan and looked stylishly away from her. She held my chin and returned my face back to her piercing eyes. My lips parted as a soft moan escapes again. My heart rate jolted as fear and lust engulfed my entire body. She laughed and went down on my as my legs gave way ad I slumped to the ground, her lips, eating softly, teasing my clits. I screamed in pleasure as my body exploded, sending spasm all over as if I was being electrocuted. I learnt later that it was called…cum.

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I could never forget that day, I could never forget any day with her, it was one experience or the other like our last night together.  The night before, she had lured me into her apartment. I had moved out cause I could not handle the nymphomaniac sexual encounters. I was not a sex person as such but I loved fucking her, I loved having her to myself so when she called that night that she want me, wanted to taste my insides, I ran down with wet pants, longing for her lips against mine, her tongue licking and caressing my clits. In the cab, I fondled myself, wanting her like ever. As I got into her apartment, she pinned me against the wall and planted a deep kiss on my lips. She started to fondle myself as I tried to touch her, she pinned my hands up against the wall with her left hand and laughed. I giggled. We loved to play the slave and master, I being the slave. Trisha was a good girl to people outside but a bad girl to a community of such repute and I loved her so much. She undressed me as I undressed her and led me to her room. As we entered, I froze in shock as a naked man was on her bed, wanking to a screen, viewing her living room, obviously, he watched our every move. I turned to look at her and I saw plea in her eyes, pleading with me to join them.  Now that I think of it, I think it was fear because for once, in bed with them, trisha was a slave and he…the master. He had this wicked grin that made me shiver but in a sadistic way, it turned me the fuck on and made me animalistic in bed.

Before I woke up, he was gone and Trisha never said a word about him instead, she told me about meeting up a guy she had being fucking on phone. She was so excited and was trying out different underwear’s before she decided to go nude under for a quickie in the woods. She rushed me out of her apartment that evening while she lit some scented candles. she dressed, changed the sheets and step out to take a cab obviously to meet up with her date. I was watching from behind a car as she left, jealous of the date, wanting her even more. Spying on her was something I did often. Then I noticed a shadow of a man emerge from behind a tree, also watching her leave. I shivered as he smiled, white teeth so obvious in the dark. I slowly walked away, unnoticed by him, I think, wondering if it was the same guy we fucked the night before or if, it was another creepy dude. Yes, Trisha has been having mood swings lately, jumping at every sound and I knew she must be experiencing a creepy dude – in the past, she had stalkers, we called them the ‘creepy dudes’.
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The next morning, Trisha was missing and her body found three days after in the woods. It had to be him, he killed my best friend. I broke down in tears, wailing and cursing not wanting to give the detectives any hint I could be involved cause deep down, I was happy she was dead but worried I might be next. 

Tuesday, February 23, 2016

My Favorite kinda lie

Walking round oblivious
Looking deep into the eyes yet lost
Heart sings a different tune
Trying as much as it can yet
Sight is far, soul is lost

Dead to a love once known
Waking up to a world unknown
Trying to walk a new path
Yet the thorns bring memories best forgotten
Eyes filled with tears
No wish on a star can stop
Hands stretch out to air
No feelings known

Oh love, a story full of lies,
Now a mirage of broken promises,
A sad story, Love, ...

My favorite kinda lie!

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Friday, February 12, 2016

The Phone Game 1

1.       Aaaahhhh

I screamed as the cold water hit my face and tingled my wounds. I could not see clearly as my eyes were swollen and the left was still bleeding. I wondered to myself, how did I get into this mess? I couldn’t believe it all

Are you ready to confess now?

Believe me officer, I don’t know who you are talking about. My name is Boma and I have never met Ngozi or know where she lives not to talk of know where she is. Why can’t you believe me?

This man is not ready to leave here alive oya, drill him one more time

I screamed as the broom found its way into my pee hole. Its amazing how that can hurt like a thousand needles piercing your brain.

Abeg you please for the love of God stop please

I pleaded.  What did I so so wrong that mother earth had to punish me this way? Their was a sudden fast and loud knock on the door and everywhere became quiet. I tried to look at what was going on but couldn’t make out the faces as the soldiers pants was all I could see. Whispers followed and they all left me but for a while as two of them stormed back in and started kicking me so hard I felt two of my ribs break.

You have killed her right, you have killed Ngozi you liar

Please I do not know any Ngozi please believe me, please

I burst into uncontrollable tears as a tall and chubby older office stepped forward and looked down at me. His breathe smelt of tobacco from cigar. He should be about 6.3inches tall and over weight for sure. He raise my head up by grabbing the little afro I had on and shoved a picture to my face, it was so close I could not make a face so he raised my head up further and asked

You want to tell me you do not know her?

A cold flash hit my face as I saw her, my best phone sex ever. We had great time fucking each other over the phone and that was me, sitting next to her as we laughed, her laughter made my dick hard even now with all the pain I still felt hard and then it hit me, the betrayer, the lies and the hurt

I need you to leave right now

Leave? Are you serious?


She said without looking at me, her left hand held out with my clothes in her grip. We had sex just 5 minutes ago and I drifted into sleep. It was obvious she enjoyed every bit of it. I could hear her moans and scream of pleasure but why this? I didn’t even initiate the sex, she kissed me the moment we stepped into her apartment and her arm went down, into my pants to grab my dick. She grabbed it hard but I loved the pain, she also kissed hard and I could taste the blood but I didn’t care. Days of phone sex together had kept me wanting her so much I grabbed her butt and pushed her body closer to mine. She went down on me and tried to get my willy out but I stopped her. Gently pulled her down to the floor and raised up her dress.
She had no underwear on and I wasn’t surprised. Days of fucking on the phone, she knew we would fuck at fist sight so, expected. I sucked hard on her clits as she moaned louder, grabbing my fro, assisting my head to fuck her more as I tongued fucked her. I swallowed all her juice as she came. It wasn’t the multiple electrifying one she use to tellme on the phone but she jerked and that was a plus.
She then pushed me away with her foot, laughed in a seductive way and slowly took off her clothes as I hurriedly took off mine. Her pussy was wet and dripping as I penetrated her. It was all I imagined it to be…it was all I wanted

Trisha…that is trishaaa

I said in a whisper as the throb in my head grew louder and I passed out

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Monday, February 8, 2016

The Phone Game!

It was a cold afternoon. Trisha knew there was more to the call than meets the eyes. She loved the game, she loved to tease and she enjoyed every minute of the calls but meeting up with him finally, that was another ball game. It was a tricky one. Will she like him; will he be as sexy as his voice and as pleasing as he had sounded? The adventure exited her more as she twitched, rubbing thighs together and letting the burning sensation turn her on. She reached for her left nipple and squeezed, as a soft moan escaped her lips. She smiled at the thought of his tongue on her clits and threw her head backwards

You are a naughty girl Trish

She could hear him say

Now I am going to punish you

Are eyes opened wide as she recalled his voice saying the exact words to her on the phone. It didn’t sound sexual, it sounded…haunted. A slight fear rushed down her spine as her door bell rang, jolting her to reality.

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The Phone Game #series #erotica #shortstories #lust #murder 

Saturday, January 9, 2016

Marred to Perfection 10

. She was there, waiting for me at my apartment. How she got in baffled me. She stood, looking at me through a mask, her favorite kitty mask; wearing the tight leather catsuit with her boobs kissing each other, revealing a perfect cleavage. I was disgusted at first. Does she think she can fuck my brains to forget that a man has given up his life for hers? That peter agreed to a crime she committed? I don’t know how she does it but she def knew how to get what she wants by fucking a man’s brain out but me, I am retired, I am calling her bluff right… her lips met mine before I could finish the thought.
I grabbed at her hair and pulled her head backwards as I bite hard into her neck. She mourned and laughed out loud as my dick hardened and throbbed against her pelvic. She rubbed on them with her hand as the other grabbed my butt. I pushed her away and walked towards my bar to pour myself a shot. She laughed some more, went straight for her bag and brought out a box. I looked at her while leaning on the bar, she arranged her items on the sofa, they looked like tormenting tools only that this gives pleasure and pain.

I have worked so hard to get to this point. Abused by my father then my uncle, I swore a man would never have the best of me so I learnt the one thing that can control them

She stopped arranging the tools and looked at me

You are right though, yes I was abused as a child but I am not one to let the past hunt me, I used the pain as a strong tool. Since I was 14, I learnt how to get what I want from a man with the right amount of pleasure…and now, pain mixed together

She started walking towards me as she planted some pills in her mouth. I watched her curiously, a bit scared, my best judgement told me I was in for some real shit but I was never one to back away or run from a fight and this fight, I was ready to kill. She got close to me and kissed me hard, forcing the pills into my mouth as she bit on my tongue, forcing me to swallow. She backed away and spat in my mouth, giving me that grin I once loved. I watched her amused, as she took me by the hand and guarded me to the center of the living room, she then stopped and went down on me. I could feel my body tingle and a sensation ran through me. I didn't care about the pills, it wasn't the first time she would feed me some before a maddening sex encounter. They always made me feel good and animalistic but this time, I was feeling good and a bit should I say…weak!

I thought we had something you know, the sex was great with you; you took my power and made it yours so I could never fully dominate you

She bit hard on my dick cap as I mourned, smiling and gradually, losing my stance so she helped me to the floor. Maybe I didn’t care anymore; maybe I wanted her to end it all. I had compromised my position as the chief security officer to chief, I failed to bring his true killer to justice just for great sex that I never had. I deserved whatever she was about to do to me and boy, I felt good.

Do you know how hard it was?

She had unbuckled my pants and was sucking hard on my dick. It was hard before she placed her lips on mine. I was still smiling and feeling woozy, the room was blur as my vision wasn’t so clear. I was enjoying every bit of what she was doing to me. I really wasn't listening to what she was saying until she made the blunder

How difficult each move to get chief to transfer the money was? It was well calculated. The medication had to be precise so that he would be a bit alert to do it

My head became a whirl wind of confusion. I heard her well and knew this was it; this was the confession before the kill. I didn’t want the sensation to end but at the same time, I needed to fully understand why

Why did you do it Val, he gave you the money after all

Yes he did, but when he came through he remembered and became an animal. He pounced on me like my Dad use to do, beat me up and almost choked me to death. He made me promise to transfer the money back then tied me up and raped me for 8 days; he said it was to teach me a lesson. He used all sorts from his walking stick to his wine bottle; even his dog had his fair share

She started to cry and I couldn't feel sorry for her. She deserved everything she got not about her father and uncle’s rape but whatever any man she tried to manipulate did.

But you never returned the money, you still have it

Yes I still have it. I begged him to let me shower as I was dirty from all the sex he had with me. He never used a condom you know, the worst thing, one day, he invited his friends over to watch and take me in turns. 3 of them and they all came all over my face

She shouted angrily and got up. She stormed to her tools and picked up a large pin and smiled

 But each of them paid dearly for it, you will find them in their apartments, no one could link it to me so they never called me in.

She bent over me and punched the pin into my leg, I screamed out in pain and suddenly, I felt my legs go numb. My dick however was hard she smiled at it, zipped down the middle of her cat suit, revealing her wet juicy pussy and climbed on my dick. I could feel that, the sensation was making my heart beat so fast I felt it would explode. She leaned forward and kissed me and then back to continue fucking me. It was obvious she was enjoying what she was doing

Chief let me have my bath then, he hated the sight of the other men’s cum on my face. I was crying like a baby all through

She laughed hysterically and I could hear it ring in my brain

I crawled to the shower and as I took my bath crying and shaking, the beast got turned on and joined me in the shower, touching my private parts and then fucking me right there in the bathroom. I didn't stop him. He led me into the room and I saw my chance, I softly talked him into allowing me get my tools and the rest you know it.

She laughed so hard again as I came madly inside of her. My brain rang and I felt it would explode but before it did, I reached behind me with the little strength I could afford, pulled at my nozzle and pulled the trigger. Her shocked eyes were the last thing I saw as her blood blurred my vision. I didn't care that I was dying; I was just happy I revenged chief and got my dignity back.  

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Saturday, December 19, 2015

Marred to Perfection 9

She is good, she is like the devil. Oh she is good. Was all I thought as I watched Peter confess to killing chief during the court session. At that instance, all I did was laugh, I laughed so hard through the trial that the judge had to call me to order. She even threatened to bring me on the stand if I didn’t behave and charge me with obstructing justice.

Val was there, looking so innocent like a 1 year old. She was crying; all an act I know and all I could think of was fucking her brains out till she begged for forgiveness. For me, the investigation just began cause this bitch can’t think she will fuck her way to riches then fuck her way out of crime. No, this must stop. Peter stole glance at her occasionally, even in her pretentious tears, I could see her eyes commanding him as she parted legs and slowly bring them back together again then rob them against each other so gently. He would lick his lips and I will lick mine too and laugh, we have been cursed. Cursed with this evil called Val. Even in my hatred, I still wanted to fuck her. She was good so good that I couldn’t help having an erection just thinking about last night.

She had come to my apartment and ordered me to meet her downstairs by the parking lot. I went prepared, naked under my robe. She also had a silk robe on and a black cat mask with a whip. Half way to her, she stopped me with the whip as she stood, legs apart showing a split that revealed her naked pussy under the robe. She then ordered me to go on my knees and crawl to her. I laughed and she told me she wasn’t joking if not she did use the whip on me. Now this was no ordinary whip, it was long and strong. The type the circus masters used on their wild animals. She was making me wild alright cause I hadn’t shaved for over a week now since she visited the station. My DPO had ordered me off the case and on a forced vacation so I don’t, in his words, ‘corrupt the case with my biases’. Such a laugh yet, here was I, going on my knees, crawling on rough sand, peeling my knees just to get a taste of her raw pussy. No, don’t get me wrong, her pussy wasn’t the attraction, it was the act all round fucking her. So blame me not, blame the boring girls we have in Nigeria. the pretentious lot who act as if they don’t love sex, they made me lust and long and fantasies about the porn’s I watch and now, made me a slave to Val.

Yes Mimi was a bit wild but she had ‘principles’ barriers that I couldn’t cross. But here was a pussy with no barrier and all the intrigue that comes with sex- the lust, the passion, the fear, the want, the screams (don’t forget) and most of all, the ADVENTURE!  With Mimi, I was her only squeeze and even when she invited a second party to bed, I was not allowed to penetrate – I was not allowed to fuck the other girl, talk to her or call her after. With VAL it was the opposite. I have shared her with guys and girls. She didn’t care, she will suck the other girl’s juice from my dick and I would suck the other guys cum from her pussy. It was all so animalistic with her. Everything was…DIRTY.

I crawled to her and bite at her robe covered pussy and felt the whip come hard on my back. Funny, the pain gave me an erection and I screamed out as she stuck the butt of the whip in my mouth to suppress my scream. I got angry and tried to get up but she stopped me with her stiletto heel. I bent over and kissed her foot as she laughed out loud. She then leaned on the car and told me to watch her as she professionally, with the movement of her legs, split the robe to reveal her red juicy pussy. It had glitters which I found out later where sweets. She then used the head of the whip on herself as I looked on with pure lust, wanting to fuck her real hard.  She rubbed on her clits with the head and then, at intervals, pushed the head deep inside her pussy as her tongue robbed against her lips, biting her lower lip, staring hard at me. I literally came after a while and begged her to allow me fuck her and that was when she did it.

She dragged me with the whip round my neck into a corner, I still crawling, she laughing frantically. As we got behind the shrub, she placed a pill on her tongue, smiling mischievously and then she bent forward to kiss me. At first, it tasted like nothing then my eyes began to swirl and I started to laugh hysterically. She laughed too as she dragged me up, loosened my robe and began to suck my dick frantically. She was so fast I felt dizzy. Without thinking, I started pushing her head against my pelvic; I could feel my dick brush her throat and she choking but I couldn’t stop. I became so animalistic and shoved her head further down my dick. I felt her vomit but still I kept pushing her head as my pelvic thrust hard into her mouth. The vomit trickled out as I came frantically in her mouth. When I left her, she slumped to the ground. I didn’t care if she was dead or just unconscious all I could see was her red juicy pussy and immediately, my erection returned and I parted her legs and fucked her till she woke up gaggling on vomit. I immediately lifted her head and kissed her, sucking the vomit from her mouth and reviving her back to life. She cried out then started to laugh as I slapped her hard on the face. She slapped me back and that got me. I got up, bruised and bleeding knees, not caring, I dragged her body on the floor to a slab then lifted her up and turned her over, face against the wall and again, I forced my hard dick into her and fucked her in the anus. She tried to push me away but I was stronger so I pushed hard into her, trapping her to the wall as I felt her tear. She called me names and still told me to fuck her hard. I didn’t cum.

I turned her to face me and tore the robe off her body and took mine off. Again, I dragged her into the field behind my house as I felt a woman screaming from one of the upstairs flat around telling us to go to hell and then threw a shoe at us. I still didn’t care. Getting to the field, I laid her on a well, knelt and sucked her pussy. It tasted slightly of blood, stool and pee. After a while, I got up and pushed her down so she could reciprocate which she did. Then I turned her over, bent her forward, making her touch her toes and fucked her. She tried to hold me but I stopped her, trapping both hands behind her back and riding her into oblivion. We fucked for long that night and I can’t remember how we got back to my apartment, I know a man came down and begged me to come back to my senses and take my ‘evil’ act into my apartment and continue as they had children who could hear me and sneak to see me.  I didn’t listen to him instead, I took her to the staircase and fucked her again as she laughed and called out my name. I must have passed out or something cause when I woke up, laid across my apartment door, she was gone and now, here, playing the virgin Mary.
I spat, got up and left the court room for the bathroom. In the toilet, I heard the door open and close but I didn’t look back.

Why do you want to spoil a good thing?

I turned at the sound of her voice, to look at her as she quickly planted a kiss on my lips. I grabbed her hair and kissed her hard, took her into one of the toilets, hanged her legs against the wall and fucked her hard; frantically loosened her hair, took of the pretentious nerdy glasses and flung it against the wall. It cracked and fell to pieces. She didn’t say a word nor laugh. I came so hard inside her and backed off, looking her in the eyes as if looking at the devil itself; turned round and walked away. I didn’t even wash up after, I just stepped out to the open and walked for as long as I could before taking a cab to my apartment.

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Monday, November 23, 2015

Marred to Perfection 8

 It’s over a week now and my back still ache from the whips. I could swear she was all out to hurt me that night but what disturbed me the most was how she laid lifeless while I made love to her. Yes, I made love to her cause I was gentle and loving not rough. She was a hard nut to crack but that made her more interesting and my dick, harder.
Before she left, she had told me she wanted to meet Peter. It was close to the final day at court and we seem to head nowhere. I wasn’t even carrying out any investigation just getting my brains fucked for sure. She told me she wanted to come in for interrogation and after meet peter but I refused. Not cause I think she isn’t guilty but cause I refuse to think at all. I knew I was enslaved by her, she had this mystery that she slowly unleashes any time we meet. I couldn’t really place a finger on who she was or is. Yet, the lifeless body of hers taunts me every time I remember that night. The ground was cold but that wasn’t the reason she was lifeless, she stared back at me but didn’t make a sound or wriggle her waist like she usually do when I fuck her. She didn’t even touch me; her hands stood akimbo by her side while her eyes stared deep into mine without blinking. It was like she escaped from her body that very moment and it made me wonder if she had been hurt as a child, sexually abused and so it affected her

Sir, one Misses Val dey here to see you

Val? What is she doing here?

She said you told her to come for questioning sir and Inspector sir say make I tell you say him dey ready for the interrogation sir

Ok, give me 10minutes and I will be there

She never seems to amaze me. Obviously she has gotten to Tunde; He was intrigued about the SU girl now singled out as a sex freak so I wasn’t surprised he quickly agreed for the interrogation. As I stepped into the interrogation room, I was amazed how she had transformed back to the Val I knew: long free skirt, long sleeve shirt that was obviously a size bigger tucked in the skirt, her nerdy glasses swallowing her long face and unkempt hair that still had this sexiness about it. She smiled as I approached and I saw the two gold teeth I mistaken as brown. Tunde and Ugo were already seated opposite her, Ugo actually had her hands in his and I wonder what must have transpired. He quickly left them when I stepped in and I smiled. She obviously had him in her spell too and suddenly, I felt a tiny bit jealous so I frowned.

Why was an interrogation set without my knowledge?

I asked

Well DPO felt you were slow on the case and since Miss Val insisted she wanted to come talk and see if it could help with the case, DPO agreed.

We had actually met a day before without you as DPO wanted no bias but today, since it will be on record, DPO insist you be present; actually that was what Miss Val wanted

Tunde chirped in. so they actually met with her, now I understand the holding of hands and this got me furious. Why would chief think I will be bias, did they suspect something

Don’t be angry Dinko, I actually insisted to see them without you at first cause I felt seeing you might bring back the memory of Chief

She started to cry. Wow, she was such a fantastic actress and today, we are the stage.

I understand Miss Val

Oh! Call me Val like you usually do please

She said with a mischievous smile that took me a back

Ok Val, sorry about that

She reached out for my hand and slightly brushed my dick. I became hand instantly and blushed. Worried that the guys must have noticed my hard on, I quickly sat down, avoiding her taking my hand. I was clumsy about it and that made the guys a bit suspicious but we shrugged it as we started the questions. She was good, she cried a little, smiled and glowed when she talked about how nice Chief had been to her. She also acted surprised at the amount he transferred to her and was willing to give it to us if it will help the case but Ugo was quick to say it wasn’t necessary. I felt like I was been played and asked to go take a drink. When I came back, Ugo was adjusting his belt while Tunde quickly stepped out. I could swear I smelt cum all over the place but I just couldn’t figure out how. That was quick was all I could think, I know I didn’t come back immediately, I actually went out for fresh air, a little walk before coming back to make tea and join them

Dinko, she needs to see peter

No she doesn’t, no one sees Peter until I say so

I spat in anger

Cool down captain, she only wants to speak to an old friend

And I say no, not until we solve the case

Val got up at that moment and held Ugo gently, I grew mad with envy. She never held me that gently; always hard and cruel to me, biting off my ear and all. I thought.

Please inspector Ugo, let me have a chat with Inspector Dinko… alone

Ugo smiled at her and walked out. She immediately sat on the table, legs wide open and adjusted her skirt so I could see her pussy. She took off her nerdy glasses and shook her hair free. It wasn’t really dark in the room so I could see she had no pants on; well shaved but obviously wide open after a good fuck. I got disgusted and shoved her legs, trying to close them but instead she grabbed my hand and led it into her wet pussy. I got hard and became animalistic as I pushed her over, making her hit her head hard on the table, dragged her legs closer and took her pussy in my mouth, sucking furiously, biting her hard. She tried to cry out but held it in so as not to draw attention. I bite her till she bleed then licked up the blood, dragged her closer, zipped down and rammed my dick hard into her as I suppressed her cries with a deep kiss; Giving her a taste of her own poison. 

It took me just seconds to cum and I did inside her. She pushed me back and I noticed she really had tears in her eyes and felt sorry for my actions. As I tried to pacify her, she pushed me away, adjusted her skirt, tied up her hair and uttered;

Take me to Peter NOW! 

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