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Friday, September 9, 2016

The Phone Game 5

      He hadn’t always hated his daughter Ngozi or Trisha like she loves to be called. In short he loved her. His love for her drove him into the hands of her classmate.

He remembered that night like if it was yesterday. He had come home to meet his wife screwing the driver. It was not planned no, it just happened by accident. His trip ended earlier and he forgot to call home to say he will be arriving a day early. He just wanted to get home as the business deal did not work out as he expected, in short, he lost the deal and was in a very bad mood. So imagine walking in on your wife as your driver gives her a head on your bed. She was moaning, screaming out his name like she had never done with him, her own husband. She never let him eat her, never even let him touch her all cause of this dirty looking illiterate of a driver.

They were bought lucky he didn’t have a gun, he would have killed them both especially her instead he pushed recognition out of Lateef’s face and gave his wife the slap of her life before throwing both of them out, butt naked. So that people could see their shame and laugh at them. The pain was so deep that he was drunk before 14years old Ngozi arrived from school. She didn’t even bother to ask for their mum cause she knew how her mum loved to hangout with friends without informing them.

Ngozi however, was shocked to see her dad drunk and walked up to me, in my drunken state, asking what was wrong with me. She was always that caring. I rested my head on her tummy and cried as she stood above me, petting me. Then it happened. She lifted my face and gave me an innocent perk on the lips but her eyes, her eyes reminded me of her mum and all I thought was to punish Amara. I grabbed Ngozi by the neck and kissed her so deeply without think. She cried and tried to push me away but instead, I tore off her clothes and squeezed her small round boobs in my hand. Instantly, I had a hard on and my lips went down and sucked hard on her left nipple. She tried hard to push me off begging…

Daddy please stop, daddy don’t do this pls

I didn’t listen to her. I stuffed her bra into her mouth to stop her from screaming as I forced her on the fluffy carpet and, tore of her pants with my left hands while my right held her down. I couldn’t see her face or the tears as they fell all I saw was the soft looking puff of her virgin pussy n I went hard on it. Sucking and licking as moans escaped in-between her cry for help. When I felt she was went enough, still sucking her and holding her down with one hand, I zipped down, pulled my trouser low and penetrated. She screamed, a loud scream as my hard dick tore her hymen and then she stopped to scream while I continued pounding, before I knew it, I exploded inside her and fell on her into deep sleep.


In the morning I remembered it all and felt so guilty. I was so ashamed to look at her as I walked in on her preparing breakfast. I tried to apologize, drew her close crying but she stopped me from speaking; with a finger and then started kissing my tears. I pushed her away but she stopped me with a stern look and told me not to stop her as she went down and started sucking my limp dick to a hard on. We made love in the kitchen, in the living room and in both our bedrooms. She didn’t go to school for the rest of the week as we kept fucking each other. I fell in-love with her but she, she didn’t give a rat ass about me. Instead, as Buchi finally returned from school, she started doing him too. She was 16 at that time and had fully blown to a sexy damsel.

I caught them making out in his room. I was so angry and let her know it. She told me if she could fuck me then she could fuck him too. I wanted to make her jealous so I started sleeping with one of her classmates. That got her worse as she totally stopped fucking me and started fucking a guy in her class and our neighbor's husband. To make her really angry, I eloped with her classmate. In return, she moved to school and lived with her boyfriend while screwing everyone I knew; From my partners to my staff to my new wife’s driver. That was just the icing on the cake.

Like mother like daughter. 

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