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Sunday, August 28, 2016

The Phone Game 4

Trisha’s Mum couldn’t help crying all through the investigation. She had heard things she never believed her sweet lil Ngozi could do. They must be lies, she said. Ngozi is still a virgin and she will be buried in white to prove that. Trisha’s Dad however didn’t doubt a thing. He knew his daughter was a slut just like her mother. They just loved to pretend or assume they were saints. He was sad his daughter was dead but he didn’t care. She deserved everything that happened to her

You do not look sad at all about the death of your daughter, why?

He looked up at the detective and smiled. Got up, went to the mini bar and poured himself a shot of whisky

I cannot bring her back from the dead detective, I am just sad she didn’t change before she died but then; all sinners must face the consequence

How dare you Emmy, how dear you talk about your dead daughter like that emeka? She was a saint, a saint and she will go to heaven, she is in heave. You caused all this when you eloped and married your own daughter’s classmate. A child Emeka, you are the sinner

Trisha’s mum broke down wailing as her eldest son consoled her. Her Father grinned and sipped on his drink. He walked to the window and looked out as the detectives wonder what other hidden secrets the family are hiding.  Buchi shook his head at his dad and hugged his mum as he took an excuse to leave. One of the detectives volunteered to drive him back to school and he agreed

Will you like to talk about how your daughter felt when you married her classmate?

No detective, I will not talk about how I live my life. My children have no say in the way I live or who I choose to spend the rest of my life with. If their mother was not such a slut, sleeping with the driver and my staff, I would not have been pushed into the arms of a younger, more beautiful, more loving younger woman.

Trisha’s mum couldn’t take it anymore as she ran up to her room, wailing more. The detective tried to stop her but her husband stopped him instead

Don’t even try it, she might end up fucking you too

The detective was more than shocked at Trisha’s father’s statement as he looked up towards the room and back at the father who drank his whisky in a gulp and poured another, offering the detective who refused.

On their ride back, Buchi kept staring out the window, lost in thoughts and smiled at intervals. He was close to his sister. He loved her. Their closeness was not the usual sibling’s kind of one, they truly loved each other and they showed it in every way they could. At that moment he shrugged, wondering if the dad knew about their love.

You seem lost; I bet you were very close to your sister?

Yes I was detective, she was my best friend

At that moment he smiled and the detective wondered why he did

See, my sister was a true genius; she knew how to make every man feel good and loved. She was always by my side no matter what. She was soft and gentle, not the kind of person anyone will want to hurt

A tear dropped down his eyes as he sobbed silently. The detective handed him a tissue while trying to grab his body language

You said your sister knew how to make a man happy but how come your father doesn’t like her

My father doesn’t understand women. He wants to rule them and treat them like children. He doesn’t know they have a mind of their own. Their tenderness makes any man feel good. Their lips speak life to a man even to his body. She was in every way a woman, a woman who knew how to please her men

The detective shrugged at that as it sounded too sexual and she wondered, could brother and sister be having a sexual relationship? Buchi turned to look at her at that moment and smiled

Bet you can never understand that. I love my sister more than I have ever loved any woman. She was there for me through the heart aches and she soothed it, I wish I was there for her

He looked out the window again as he reminisced the good times. He will never get to kiss her soft lips again or feel her fingers trace his spinal cord as her teeth softly bite his buttocks. He will never feel her soft hands gently caress his manhood as she gently kisses round his balls. He picked up his phone to look at the last picture she sent him, she was the best; the best he had ever had. He got so hard thinking about the sexting they did as he read the chats. More tears dripped down his eyes.

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The detective stared at his hard-on, more shocked at the size than the fact he was having a hard on at this moment. She wished she could bend down and suck it, take everything in her mouth. She rubbed against her thighs and kept on driving, biting down on her on her lower lip. 

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