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Sunday, June 12, 2016

The Phone Game 3

Hassan couldn’t help but think what a slut he had for a girlfriend. Yes he had cheated on her with her best friend but that was cause of her double life. She was a slut and she deserved death.  The police had been to his, he was even invited to the station for questioning. Mary advised him to go…

Be calm, say the truth but not everything

She had said. They had decided to keep their affair from the police so it doesn’t raise an eye brow. He didn’t love Mary, he never did. She was not as pretty and as social as Trisha. They were all high school classmates but he and Trisha dated in their final year. He was the reason she came to UNIBEN, They even stayed together in her first year. He had gotten admission a year before she did. She was pure and innocent then though, he knew he didn’t disvirgin her but he never questioned her sexuality. Now, she is the slut of the campus and she always knew how to make him believe her lies but…not any more, dead bodies can’t lie.

‘I knew Trisha since high school. She didn’t like to be called Ngozi. It reminded her of her Dad and they both are not in good terms. We started dating in our final year then I got admission into UNIBEN while she failed JAMB but the following year, she got hers and moved in with me instead of living in the hostel. We were inseparable; voted best couple on campus and most wanted couple. Then the following year, she insisted she wanted to live in her own apartment. ‘

‘Why did she insist, was there a fight?’

‘Not really; I, as she said, was ‘policing’ her (no offence). She use to come back home late at night ricking of alcohol or weed. She will then lie she had been reading and some engineering boys were smoking behind her or that she took just a sip from a friend. Her hair, usually messed up with sand sometimes tangled inside. I knew she was being inducted in the campus life, she is a socialite and loved it; the attention, the entertainment, the crazy life style. I saw a different Trisha no let me say, I saw TRISHA and Ngozi, totally GONE. ‘

‘Is this why you tried to get back at her by sleeping with her best friend, then when she didn’t care you murdered her?’

‘(Shouting) I didn’t kill her and…(softly) sleeping with Mary wasn’t exactly a plan to get back at her. It was just to make her hurt like she made me hurt but I didn’t kill her. How come you even know about Mary?’

‘That is beside the point’  Investigator Peter said

‘Just tell us what we need to know and you are free to go if, it’s the truth’

‘It’s the truth. I slept with Mary to hurt Trisha like she hurt me, I don’t love Mary but she has been a friend and I need a friend. One I can trust and on campus, you do not have many of such friends. I found out Trisha had slept with two classmates of mine and my former room mate. She denied of course but the rumours had elements of truth. They were nights she cameback late looking slutty. Her dress sense changed and she started showing more cleavages and our sex life became… lets just say, she became distant’.

Flashes of Trisha and I in bed brought back painful memories. I had loved her, probably still do. She was not the most beautiful girl I had ever seen but she had this sexiness that came natural to her especially when she laughs. She loved sex I must say. We use to enjoy sex or should I say I use to enjoy fucking her cause after a while, she told me my sex was boring and that is why I made sure Mary screamed anytime I fucked her.
Trisha wasn’t as nice as she used to be back at home. She changed, school changed her or maybe, brought out the bad in her cause as far back as I can remember, she was the one who kissed me on our first kiss and it was so passionate. She did something with her tongue as if searching for my heart and it stole it. She also was the one who initiated the BJ, I was driving and she told me to concentrate as she zipped me down and sucked me. I didn’t concentrate, it was my first time, I just got back from my matriculation and she was giving me a welcome home I missed you suck. A suck that saw my Dad grounding me and his car, tolled to a mechanic shop.

When she came to school, I initiated the sex on her first night. I didn’t care she took me in without a glitch. I didn’t recognised then she wasn’t a virgin. I just loved the way she wiggled her waist as I fucked her gently, the soft moans that escaped her lips, the soft grab of my butt as fingers dug in anythime I hit a spot. She loved to scream

Fuck me, shit, fuck me, yes, yes shit…
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That, always, let me put it in pidgin, Plait my dada. I loved fucking her, I even fucked her in the ass once and she didn’t refuse, she loved the pain, she loved my big dick inside her. At least that is what I thought until I saw the video….

Mary was a different ball game, she fucked like an old school girl but she loved fucking Trisha, I use to watch them together, it was fun. We had a threesome once that was what even gave me the confidence to approach and fuck Mary. Mary loved to kiss and touch before sex, I didn’t mind; I loved to kiss and play games but who doesn’t.

We were alone at home in Trisha’s house, Mary and I; Trisha had gone to get lunch. We had being sipping on JD and I knew she was light headed so I asked

‘What do you like in a man?’

She looked at me and smiled


I just leaned over and kissed her. She pulled back, surprised but I dragged her closer again and kissed her hard, she tried to pull away saying in-between kisses

‘Stop, Trisha, she would soon be back’

‘Then let’s be fast about it’

‘No, please’

She tried to struggle but I pinned her down and tore off her top. She cried a little but it soon turned to moans as I pulled up her skirt and inserted by big jimmy into her.  She loved my dick she once told me, the only dick she loved. Yes, I fucked her hard with all the bitterness I felt, the betrayer, the lies. I fucked her real hard she bleed a little and then the door bell rang. She ran to dress up, sobbing as she ran. I got up naked and opened the door to a shocked Trisha. She saw her friend's cum all over my dick, she didn’t need to be told what went on, I saw the tears build in her eyes as her lips twisted in anger and all I said, with a wicked grin was…

‘Care to join us?’

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