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Sunday, May 29, 2016

The Phone Game 2

  It had to be him, it just has to be, she said as she broke down in tears. Her best friend had been murdered, her body mutilated, disrespected and left for flies to perch on and people to see her nakedness. Her body, no longer as sexy as it use to be. Her long legs all stained with blood. Yes she had been raped but not with a dick, no one could tell what was used but it sure made a mess of her insides.

Flashes of our last night together came in spasms. We had a great relationship, we had sex most of the time, we loved to explore each other’s body; More for the fun of it than for a real sexual partnership. She had a sexy red under wear on, she had asked me how she looked. Should she leave her hair flowing or should she pack it up in a knot and wear the good school girl look. I laughed at that cause she was no good school girl, she was the baddest school girl I have ever met, Trisha, like she loved to be called, had fucked all the ‘it’ guys in school and made it look like a child’s game. She even fucked all the meanest girls and got them fighting for her. I on the other hand, was lucky, I was her childhood bestie and roommate so, and she never dumped me. I loved her, oh! How I loved her.

I never slept with a man except she told me to; she made me experience what it was to enjoy fucking. Our first encounter together, I arrived school, happy to have gained admission at last and into my dream school most especially, happy that I will be united with my bestie again and this time, never having to pay for an apartment as I was going to live with her. That night was a celebration; I had my first champagne and felt a sweet sensation between my legs. Trisha noticed and asked me how I felt but I just giggled, she came too close and I held my breath as she breathlessly told me to take off my dress. I did that without hesitation, not wanting to offend her as she had a bad temper. That was when I experienced a girl to girl action. She looked deep into my eyes and squeezed my nipples gently. I let out a soft moan and looked stylishly away from her. She held my chin and returned my face back to her piercing eyes. My lips parted as a soft moan escapes again. My heart rate jolted as fear and lust engulfed my entire body. She laughed and went down on my as my legs gave way ad I slumped to the ground, her lips, eating softly, teasing my clits. I screamed in pleasure as my body exploded, sending spasm all over as if I was being electrocuted. I learnt later that it was called…cum.

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I could never forget that day, I could never forget any day with her, it was one experience or the other like our last night together.  The night before, she had lured me into her apartment. I had moved out cause I could not handle the nymphomaniac sexual encounters. I was not a sex person as such but I loved fucking her, I loved having her to myself so when she called that night that she want me, wanted to taste my insides, I ran down with wet pants, longing for her lips against mine, her tongue licking and caressing my clits. In the cab, I fondled myself, wanting her like ever. As I got into her apartment, she pinned me against the wall and planted a deep kiss on my lips. She started to fondle myself as I tried to touch her, she pinned my hands up against the wall with her left hand and laughed. I giggled. We loved to play the slave and master, I being the slave. Trisha was a good girl to people outside but a bad girl to a community of such repute and I loved her so much. She undressed me as I undressed her and led me to her room. As we entered, I froze in shock as a naked man was on her bed, wanking to a screen, viewing her living room, obviously, he watched our every move. I turned to look at her and I saw plea in her eyes, pleading with me to join them.  Now that I think of it, I think it was fear because for once, in bed with them, trisha was a slave and he…the master. He had this wicked grin that made me shiver but in a sadistic way, it turned me the fuck on and made me animalistic in bed.

Before I woke up, he was gone and Trisha never said a word about him instead, she told me about meeting up a guy she had being fucking on phone. She was so excited and was trying out different underwear’s before she decided to go nude under for a quickie in the woods. She rushed me out of her apartment that evening while she lit some scented candles. she dressed, changed the sheets and step out to take a cab obviously to meet up with her date. I was watching from behind a car as she left, jealous of the date, wanting her even more. Spying on her was something I did often. Then I noticed a shadow of a man emerge from behind a tree, also watching her leave. I shivered as he smiled, white teeth so obvious in the dark. I slowly walked away, unnoticed by him, I think, wondering if it was the same guy we fucked the night before or if, it was another creepy dude. Yes, Trisha has been having mood swings lately, jumping at every sound and I knew she must be experiencing a creepy dude – in the past, she had stalkers, we called them the ‘creepy dudes’.
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The next morning, Trisha was missing and her body found three days after in the woods. It had to be him, he killed my best friend. I broke down in tears, wailing and cursing not wanting to give the detectives any hint I could be involved cause deep down, I was happy she was dead but worried I might be next. 

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