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Monday, February 8, 2016

The Phone Game!

It was a cold afternoon. Trisha knew there was more to the call than meets the eyes. She loved the game, she loved to tease and she enjoyed every minute of the calls but meeting up with him finally, that was another ball game. It was a tricky one. Will she like him; will he be as sexy as his voice and as pleasing as he had sounded? The adventure exited her more as she twitched, rubbing thighs together and letting the burning sensation turn her on. She reached for her left nipple and squeezed, as a soft moan escaped her lips. She smiled at the thought of his tongue on her clits and threw her head backwards

You are a naughty girl Trish

She could hear him say

Now I am going to punish you

Are eyes opened wide as she recalled his voice saying the exact words to her on the phone. It didn’t sound sexual, it sounded…haunted. A slight fear rushed down her spine as her door bell rang, jolting her to reality.

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The Phone Game #series #erotica #shortstories #lust #murder 

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