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Friday, February 12, 2016

The Phone Game 1

1.       Aaaahhhh

I screamed as the cold water hit my face and tingled my wounds. I could not see clearly as my eyes were swollen and the left was still bleeding. I wondered to myself, how did I get into this mess? I couldn’t believe it all

Are you ready to confess now?

Believe me officer, I don’t know who you are talking about. My name is Boma and I have never met Ngozi or know where she lives not to talk of know where she is. Why can’t you believe me?

This man is not ready to leave here alive oya, drill him one more time

I screamed as the broom found its way into my pee hole. Its amazing how that can hurt like a thousand needles piercing your brain.

Abeg you please for the love of God stop please

I pleaded.  What did I so so wrong that mother earth had to punish me this way? Their was a sudden fast and loud knock on the door and everywhere became quiet. I tried to look at what was going on but couldn’t make out the faces as the soldiers pants was all I could see. Whispers followed and they all left me but for a while as two of them stormed back in and started kicking me so hard I felt two of my ribs break.

You have killed her right, you have killed Ngozi you liar

Please I do not know any Ngozi please believe me, please

I burst into uncontrollable tears as a tall and chubby older office stepped forward and looked down at me. His breathe smelt of tobacco from cigar. He should be about 6.3inches tall and over weight for sure. He raise my head up by grabbing the little afro I had on and shoved a picture to my face, it was so close I could not make a face so he raised my head up further and asked

You want to tell me you do not know her?

A cold flash hit my face as I saw her, my best phone sex ever. We had great time fucking each other over the phone and that was me, sitting next to her as we laughed, her laughter made my dick hard even now with all the pain I still felt hard and then it hit me, the betrayer, the lies and the hurt

I need you to leave right now

Leave? Are you serious?


She said without looking at me, her left hand held out with my clothes in her grip. We had sex just 5 minutes ago and I drifted into sleep. It was obvious she enjoyed every bit of it. I could hear her moans and scream of pleasure but why this? I didn’t even initiate the sex, she kissed me the moment we stepped into her apartment and her arm went down, into my pants to grab my dick. She grabbed it hard but I loved the pain, she also kissed hard and I could taste the blood but I didn’t care. Days of phone sex together had kept me wanting her so much I grabbed her butt and pushed her body closer to mine. She went down on me and tried to get my willy out but I stopped her. Gently pulled her down to the floor and raised up her dress.
She had no underwear on and I wasn’t surprised. Days of fucking on the phone, she knew we would fuck at fist sight so, expected. I sucked hard on her clits as she moaned louder, grabbing my fro, assisting my head to fuck her more as I tongued fucked her. I swallowed all her juice as she came. It wasn’t the multiple electrifying one she use to tellme on the phone but she jerked and that was a plus.
She then pushed me away with her foot, laughed in a seductive way and slowly took off her clothes as I hurriedly took off mine. Her pussy was wet and dripping as I penetrated her. It was all I imagined it to be…it was all I wanted

Trisha…that is trishaaa

I said in a whisper as the throb in my head grew louder and I passed out

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