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Saturday, January 9, 2016

Marred to Perfection 10

. She was there, waiting for me at my apartment. How she got in baffled me. She stood, looking at me through a mask, her favorite kitty mask; wearing the tight leather catsuit with her boobs kissing each other, revealing a perfect cleavage. I was disgusted at first. Does she think she can fuck my brains to forget that a man has given up his life for hers? That peter agreed to a crime she committed? I don’t know how she does it but she def knew how to get what she wants by fucking a man’s brain out but me, I am retired, I am calling her bluff right… her lips met mine before I could finish the thought.
I grabbed at her hair and pulled her head backwards as I bite hard into her neck. She mourned and laughed out loud as my dick hardened and throbbed against her pelvic. She rubbed on them with her hand as the other grabbed my butt. I pushed her away and walked towards my bar to pour myself a shot. She laughed some more, went straight for her bag and brought out a box. I looked at her while leaning on the bar, she arranged her items on the sofa, they looked like tormenting tools only that this gives pleasure and pain.

I have worked so hard to get to this point. Abused by my father then my uncle, I swore a man would never have the best of me so I learnt the one thing that can control them

She stopped arranging the tools and looked at me

You are right though, yes I was abused as a child but I am not one to let the past hunt me, I used the pain as a strong tool. Since I was 14, I learnt how to get what I want from a man with the right amount of pleasure…and now, pain mixed together

She started walking towards me as she planted some pills in her mouth. I watched her curiously, a bit scared, my best judgement told me I was in for some real shit but I was never one to back away or run from a fight and this fight, I was ready to kill. She got close to me and kissed me hard, forcing the pills into my mouth as she bit on my tongue, forcing me to swallow. She backed away and spat in my mouth, giving me that grin I once loved. I watched her amused, as she took me by the hand and guarded me to the center of the living room, she then stopped and went down on me. I could feel my body tingle and a sensation ran through me. I didn't care about the pills, it wasn't the first time she would feed me some before a maddening sex encounter. They always made me feel good and animalistic but this time, I was feeling good and a bit should I say…weak!

I thought we had something you know, the sex was great with you; you took my power and made it yours so I could never fully dominate you

She bit hard on my dick cap as I mourned, smiling and gradually, losing my stance so she helped me to the floor. Maybe I didn’t care anymore; maybe I wanted her to end it all. I had compromised my position as the chief security officer to chief, I failed to bring his true killer to justice just for great sex that I never had. I deserved whatever she was about to do to me and boy, I felt good.

Do you know how hard it was?

She had unbuckled my pants and was sucking hard on my dick. It was hard before she placed her lips on mine. I was still smiling and feeling woozy, the room was blur as my vision wasn’t so clear. I was enjoying every bit of what she was doing to me. I really wasn't listening to what she was saying until she made the blunder

How difficult each move to get chief to transfer the money was? It was well calculated. The medication had to be precise so that he would be a bit alert to do it

My head became a whirl wind of confusion. I heard her well and knew this was it; this was the confession before the kill. I didn’t want the sensation to end but at the same time, I needed to fully understand why

Why did you do it Val, he gave you the money after all

Yes he did, but when he came through he remembered and became an animal. He pounced on me like my Dad use to do, beat me up and almost choked me to death. He made me promise to transfer the money back then tied me up and raped me for 8 days; he said it was to teach me a lesson. He used all sorts from his walking stick to his wine bottle; even his dog had his fair share

She started to cry and I couldn't feel sorry for her. She deserved everything she got not about her father and uncle’s rape but whatever any man she tried to manipulate did.

But you never returned the money, you still have it

Yes I still have it. I begged him to let me shower as I was dirty from all the sex he had with me. He never used a condom you know, the worst thing, one day, he invited his friends over to watch and take me in turns. 3 of them and they all came all over my face

She shouted angrily and got up. She stormed to her tools and picked up a large pin and smiled

 But each of them paid dearly for it, you will find them in their apartments, no one could link it to me so they never called me in.

She bent over me and punched the pin into my leg, I screamed out in pain and suddenly, I felt my legs go numb. My dick however was hard she smiled at it, zipped down the middle of her cat suit, revealing her wet juicy pussy and climbed on my dick. I could feel that, the sensation was making my heart beat so fast I felt it would explode. She leaned forward and kissed me and then back to continue fucking me. It was obvious she was enjoying what she was doing

Chief let me have my bath then, he hated the sight of the other men’s cum on my face. I was crying like a baby all through

She laughed hysterically and I could hear it ring in my brain

I crawled to the shower and as I took my bath crying and shaking, the beast got turned on and joined me in the shower, touching my private parts and then fucking me right there in the bathroom. I didn't stop him. He led me into the room and I saw my chance, I softly talked him into allowing me get my tools and the rest you know it.

She laughed so hard again as I came madly inside of her. My brain rang and I felt it would explode but before it did, I reached behind me with the little strength I could afford, pulled at my nozzle and pulled the trigger. Her shocked eyes were the last thing I saw as her blood blurred my vision. I didn't care that I was dying; I was just happy I revenged chief and got my dignity back.  

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