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Saturday, December 19, 2015

Marred to Perfection 9

She is good, she is like the devil. Oh she is good. Was all I thought as I watched Peter confess to killing chief during the court session. At that instance, all I did was laugh, I laughed so hard through the trial that the judge had to call me to order. She even threatened to bring me on the stand if I didn’t behave and charge me with obstructing justice.

Val was there, looking so innocent like a 1 year old. She was crying; all an act I know and all I could think of was fucking her brains out till she begged for forgiveness. For me, the investigation just began cause this bitch can’t think she will fuck her way to riches then fuck her way out of crime. No, this must stop. Peter stole glance at her occasionally, even in her pretentious tears, I could see her eyes commanding him as she parted legs and slowly bring them back together again then rob them against each other so gently. He would lick his lips and I will lick mine too and laugh, we have been cursed. Cursed with this evil called Val. Even in my hatred, I still wanted to fuck her. She was good so good that I couldn’t help having an erection just thinking about last night.

She had come to my apartment and ordered me to meet her downstairs by the parking lot. I went prepared, naked under my robe. She also had a silk robe on and a black cat mask with a whip. Half way to her, she stopped me with the whip as she stood, legs apart showing a split that revealed her naked pussy under the robe. She then ordered me to go on my knees and crawl to her. I laughed and she told me she wasn’t joking if not she did use the whip on me. Now this was no ordinary whip, it was long and strong. The type the circus masters used on their wild animals. She was making me wild alright cause I hadn’t shaved for over a week now since she visited the station. My DPO had ordered me off the case and on a forced vacation so I don’t, in his words, ‘corrupt the case with my biases’. Such a laugh yet, here was I, going on my knees, crawling on rough sand, peeling my knees just to get a taste of her raw pussy. No, don’t get me wrong, her pussy wasn’t the attraction, it was the act all round fucking her. So blame me not, blame the boring girls we have in Nigeria. the pretentious lot who act as if they don’t love sex, they made me lust and long and fantasies about the porn’s I watch and now, made me a slave to Val.

Yes Mimi was a bit wild but she had ‘principles’ barriers that I couldn’t cross. But here was a pussy with no barrier and all the intrigue that comes with sex- the lust, the passion, the fear, the want, the screams (don’t forget) and most of all, the ADVENTURE!  With Mimi, I was her only squeeze and even when she invited a second party to bed, I was not allowed to penetrate – I was not allowed to fuck the other girl, talk to her or call her after. With VAL it was the opposite. I have shared her with guys and girls. She didn’t care, she will suck the other girl’s juice from my dick and I would suck the other guys cum from her pussy. It was all so animalistic with her. Everything was…DIRTY.

I crawled to her and bite at her robe covered pussy and felt the whip come hard on my back. Funny, the pain gave me an erection and I screamed out as she stuck the butt of the whip in my mouth to suppress my scream. I got angry and tried to get up but she stopped me with her stiletto heel. I bent over and kissed her foot as she laughed out loud. She then leaned on the car and told me to watch her as she professionally, with the movement of her legs, split the robe to reveal her red juicy pussy. It had glitters which I found out later where sweets. She then used the head of the whip on herself as I looked on with pure lust, wanting to fuck her real hard.  She rubbed on her clits with the head and then, at intervals, pushed the head deep inside her pussy as her tongue robbed against her lips, biting her lower lip, staring hard at me. I literally came after a while and begged her to allow me fuck her and that was when she did it.

She dragged me with the whip round my neck into a corner, I still crawling, she laughing frantically. As we got behind the shrub, she placed a pill on her tongue, smiling mischievously and then she bent forward to kiss me. At first, it tasted like nothing then my eyes began to swirl and I started to laugh hysterically. She laughed too as she dragged me up, loosened my robe and began to suck my dick frantically. She was so fast I felt dizzy. Without thinking, I started pushing her head against my pelvic; I could feel my dick brush her throat and she choking but I couldn’t stop. I became so animalistic and shoved her head further down my dick. I felt her vomit but still I kept pushing her head as my pelvic thrust hard into her mouth. The vomit trickled out as I came frantically in her mouth. When I left her, she slumped to the ground. I didn’t care if she was dead or just unconscious all I could see was her red juicy pussy and immediately, my erection returned and I parted her legs and fucked her till she woke up gaggling on vomit. I immediately lifted her head and kissed her, sucking the vomit from her mouth and reviving her back to life. She cried out then started to laugh as I slapped her hard on the face. She slapped me back and that got me. I got up, bruised and bleeding knees, not caring, I dragged her body on the floor to a slab then lifted her up and turned her over, face against the wall and again, I forced my hard dick into her and fucked her in the anus. She tried to push me away but I was stronger so I pushed hard into her, trapping her to the wall as I felt her tear. She called me names and still told me to fuck her hard. I didn’t cum.

I turned her to face me and tore the robe off her body and took mine off. Again, I dragged her into the field behind my house as I felt a woman screaming from one of the upstairs flat around telling us to go to hell and then threw a shoe at us. I still didn’t care. Getting to the field, I laid her on a well, knelt and sucked her pussy. It tasted slightly of blood, stool and pee. After a while, I got up and pushed her down so she could reciprocate which she did. Then I turned her over, bent her forward, making her touch her toes and fucked her. She tried to hold me but I stopped her, trapping both hands behind her back and riding her into oblivion. We fucked for long that night and I can’t remember how we got back to my apartment, I know a man came down and begged me to come back to my senses and take my ‘evil’ act into my apartment and continue as they had children who could hear me and sneak to see me.  I didn’t listen to him instead, I took her to the staircase and fucked her again as she laughed and called out my name. I must have passed out or something cause when I woke up, laid across my apartment door, she was gone and now, here, playing the virgin Mary.
I spat, got up and left the court room for the bathroom. In the toilet, I heard the door open and close but I didn’t look back.

Why do you want to spoil a good thing?

I turned at the sound of her voice, to look at her as she quickly planted a kiss on my lips. I grabbed her hair and kissed her hard, took her into one of the toilets, hanged her legs against the wall and fucked her hard; frantically loosened her hair, took of the pretentious nerdy glasses and flung it against the wall. It cracked and fell to pieces. She didn’t say a word nor laugh. I came so hard inside her and backed off, looking her in the eyes as if looking at the devil itself; turned round and walked away. I didn’t even wash up after, I just stepped out to the open and walked for as long as I could before taking a cab to my apartment.

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