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Monday, November 23, 2015

Marred to Perfection 8

 It’s over a week now and my back still ache from the whips. I could swear she was all out to hurt me that night but what disturbed me the most was how she laid lifeless while I made love to her. Yes, I made love to her cause I was gentle and loving not rough. She was a hard nut to crack but that made her more interesting and my dick, harder.
Before she left, she had told me she wanted to meet Peter. It was close to the final day at court and we seem to head nowhere. I wasn’t even carrying out any investigation just getting my brains fucked for sure. She told me she wanted to come in for interrogation and after meet peter but I refused. Not cause I think she isn’t guilty but cause I refuse to think at all. I knew I was enslaved by her, she had this mystery that she slowly unleashes any time we meet. I couldn’t really place a finger on who she was or is. Yet, the lifeless body of hers taunts me every time I remember that night. The ground was cold but that wasn’t the reason she was lifeless, she stared back at me but didn’t make a sound or wriggle her waist like she usually do when I fuck her. She didn’t even touch me; her hands stood akimbo by her side while her eyes stared deep into mine without blinking. It was like she escaped from her body that very moment and it made me wonder if she had been hurt as a child, sexually abused and so it affected her

Sir, one Misses Val dey here to see you

Val? What is she doing here?

She said you told her to come for questioning sir and Inspector sir say make I tell you say him dey ready for the interrogation sir

Ok, give me 10minutes and I will be there

She never seems to amaze me. Obviously she has gotten to Tunde; He was intrigued about the SU girl now singled out as a sex freak so I wasn’t surprised he quickly agreed for the interrogation. As I stepped into the interrogation room, I was amazed how she had transformed back to the Val I knew: long free skirt, long sleeve shirt that was obviously a size bigger tucked in the skirt, her nerdy glasses swallowing her long face and unkempt hair that still had this sexiness about it. She smiled as I approached and I saw the two gold teeth I mistaken as brown. Tunde and Ugo were already seated opposite her, Ugo actually had her hands in his and I wonder what must have transpired. He quickly left them when I stepped in and I smiled. She obviously had him in her spell too and suddenly, I felt a tiny bit jealous so I frowned.

Why was an interrogation set without my knowledge?

I asked

Well DPO felt you were slow on the case and since Miss Val insisted she wanted to come talk and see if it could help with the case, DPO agreed.

We had actually met a day before without you as DPO wanted no bias but today, since it will be on record, DPO insist you be present; actually that was what Miss Val wanted

Tunde chirped in. so they actually met with her, now I understand the holding of hands and this got me furious. Why would chief think I will be bias, did they suspect something

Don’t be angry Dinko, I actually insisted to see them without you at first cause I felt seeing you might bring back the memory of Chief

She started to cry. Wow, she was such a fantastic actress and today, we are the stage.

I understand Miss Val

Oh! Call me Val like you usually do please

She said with a mischievous smile that took me a back

Ok Val, sorry about that

She reached out for my hand and slightly brushed my dick. I became hand instantly and blushed. Worried that the guys must have noticed my hard on, I quickly sat down, avoiding her taking my hand. I was clumsy about it and that made the guys a bit suspicious but we shrugged it as we started the questions. She was good, she cried a little, smiled and glowed when she talked about how nice Chief had been to her. She also acted surprised at the amount he transferred to her and was willing to give it to us if it will help the case but Ugo was quick to say it wasn’t necessary. I felt like I was been played and asked to go take a drink. When I came back, Ugo was adjusting his belt while Tunde quickly stepped out. I could swear I smelt cum all over the place but I just couldn’t figure out how. That was quick was all I could think, I know I didn’t come back immediately, I actually went out for fresh air, a little walk before coming back to make tea and join them

Dinko, she needs to see peter

No she doesn’t, no one sees Peter until I say so

I spat in anger

Cool down captain, she only wants to speak to an old friend

And I say no, not until we solve the case

Val got up at that moment and held Ugo gently, I grew mad with envy. She never held me that gently; always hard and cruel to me, biting off my ear and all. I thought.

Please inspector Ugo, let me have a chat with Inspector Dinko… alone

Ugo smiled at her and walked out. She immediately sat on the table, legs wide open and adjusted her skirt so I could see her pussy. She took off her nerdy glasses and shook her hair free. It wasn’t really dark in the room so I could see she had no pants on; well shaved but obviously wide open after a good fuck. I got disgusted and shoved her legs, trying to close them but instead she grabbed my hand and led it into her wet pussy. I got hard and became animalistic as I pushed her over, making her hit her head hard on the table, dragged her legs closer and took her pussy in my mouth, sucking furiously, biting her hard. She tried to cry out but held it in so as not to draw attention. I bite her till she bleed then licked up the blood, dragged her closer, zipped down and rammed my dick hard into her as I suppressed her cries with a deep kiss; Giving her a taste of her own poison. 

It took me just seconds to cum and I did inside her. She pushed me back and I noticed she really had tears in her eyes and felt sorry for my actions. As I tried to pacify her, she pushed me away, adjusted her skirt, tied up her hair and uttered;

Take me to Peter NOW! 

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