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Sunday, November 22, 2015

Marred to perfection 7

Mimi visited. She was told I was sick. I had been in bed for two days now without going to work or calling val. I felt disgusted with myself after the museum episode. The security man was fired and I was alerted about the video we made in the museum. Apparently, they have been getting reports of someone always fucking in the rest room so they had hidden cameras up just for that week. I was not disgusted by the fact that I was told I wasn’t invited to the museum any more (Thank God they didn’t press charges) but for the fact that she must have been fucking there for a while now and also fucking that security man. No wonder he didn’t resist her when she drew him in. yes I was jealous, don’t ask me why but I was jealous.
Mimi made me hot soup.  I took it, took a spoon and felt hard all of a sudden. I didn’t want Val, I wanted Mimi. I drew her close and planted a kiss on her lips; she kissed me back, pushed me back and took off her top. I quickly came off my pyjamas as she smiled and took off her jeans. We then cuddled for a while, looking into each other’s eyes like love birds before we kissed and made love. It was gentle and sweet. I missed her. Then, Val entered my head and I turned Mimi over, arched her back into a doggy position and started ramming into her. She screamed in pleasure as I rammed harder. As I was about to come, I held her pelvic tighter and rammed with so much force she tried to stop me by pulling my arms off her waist. I got so beastly, I grabbed both her hands and locked it with my left hand while my right hand grabbed hard at her neck, making her choke, arching her back some more as I came.
I released her and fell on her as she pushed me away, coughing in tears, trying to catch her breath back. She quickly took her clothes and ran out of my room. I looked on in shock before I realised what I almost did. I ran after her but she had gone, naked, in her car, driving away from the beast I had become. My phone rang, I ran to it

Please Mimi I am so sorry I didn’t know what came over me
Stop bitching like a girl and open the door

Her voice sent a chill down my spine and got me hard. Like a puppet, I went downstairs and opened the door for Val.
She was in black leather cat suit and holding a leather bag. She had a whip in one hand and a cat mask on her face. As she stepped in, she flung the whip at me angrily for God knows how long. She was so mad and I was confused

You freaking bastard. How dare you fuck her? How dare you!
Val she is my girlfriend
Fuck you, she is no longer your girl friend I am your girl now, I own you

She threw the whip at me in tears and unlocked her leather bag. She brought out a police baton and started hitting me with it. I was mostly shocked at her emotion that I didn’t feel the pains she was inflicting on me.

Val, what has gone over you?

She kept hitting me then threw the baton at me and went for the bag again, this time, bringing out a chain. That was when I ran to her and held her tight.

Stop it, stop this madness

I spat. She smiled, dropped the chain and turned round. Before I knew it, she bite hard at my ear, taking a chunk of my skin, I screamed out in pain and slapped her so hard she fell on the ground crying. She looked up at me and I saw she was bleeding from the side of her lips. I bent down quickly and apologized as she planted a kiss on my lips. I drew her close and kissed her so hard my dick got hard. I quickly undressed her as she lay lifeless on the floor and watched me make love to her. She stared into my eyes and I stared back, she didn’t move or make a sound just stared, her stare made me cum so quick I got so frightened. As I got off her, she walked, no, cat walked to her leather bag and said

Now that we’ve got that out of the way, let’s begin.

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