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Monday, November 9, 2015

Marred to Perfection 4

I kept thinking about our lunch date, it kept ringing in my ears that there was more about Val. Peter might just be right. I wanted to find out more, I wanted to know more, funny, I was kind of disturbed. My instinct told me I was in for some adventure but I was sure it won’t be the adventure I would walk out happy. Nothing could stop me, just thinking about her giggle and bite my ear made me hard

Hmmm nice

Mimi said as she felt my hardness. She slide under the blanket and took me in her mouth. I closed my eyes and gave out a soft moan. I raised the blanket to look at her suck, for a second, I imagined it was Val so shook my head vigorously to clear it

You are getting soft, why

She whinned like a baby

Just the case

I lied and pushed her over, stepping away from the bed and into my studies. I heard her turn on the TV and raised the volume. She did that any time she was angry. I didn’t care today. I dialled Val.

I was expecting your call yesterday; you seem like a strong man, I like strong willed men

Hi Val, why did you think I would call?

Why are you calling, did you imagine it was me when she was on you?

Wow, another smart one.

Na! nothing like that, I was just bothered about the case and wanted to talk to someone familiar with it


She said and giggled, I got hard and reached down to my dick, wanking it softly

Tell me, are you hard again?

Let’s stick to the case

I said and quickly left my dick alone. She giggled some more and laughed so loud I felt my ear drums will burst

I think you will be naughty in bed, I have imagined how you fuck for months now. Anytime you walk by, you throb your pelvics as if you are trying to talk to some one, as if they were trying to say …fuck me

She said the last two words breathless and without realizing it, I let out a soft moan. She was doing something to me. She was good at it too, I couldn’t say a word for fear she might hear me scream ‘I want to fuck you now’

Do you want to fuck me? I can let you do crazy stuffs to me that you’ve only fantasiesd about, things that you never dreamt of

I moaned again this time wanking hard and fast as I came, I tried to surpress my voice and just hung up. Mimi heard me scream a little as I came. She threw the remote at the door and screamed

You son of a bitch

I heard her leave my room, not long; I heard her car screech out. She was really offended. She hates me wanking now she would feel she wasn’t satisfying me. I have never cheated on her. Ok not true, I use to but for a while now I have been faithful. She takes me on wild trips, she made me sexually crazy. Maybe now I long for something new. The phone rang 

Babe I am sorry please come…

You girl walked out on you?

She laughed

What did you do, she heard you wanking to my voice?

She was such a blunt bitch but it was really turning me on

Let me show you something, something you might find intriguing. Meet me at the number I sent to your phone minutes ago. Come dressed in a batman mask.

The line went dead and I read the message. It was a costume party happening two nights from today. This will def be exciting I thought and I was up for some wild excitement. I started googling for a good costume shop to order my attire.

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