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Sunday, November 22, 2015

Marred to Perfection 6

Crazy as it might seem, I waited patiently at first, for my next mission. Mimi and I hadn’t seen for weeks but I didn’t care. Now, I am anxious, I couldn’t stop thinking of the orgy, the crazy sex I had with them all especially Val. I picked up my phone and as I started dialling, a text came in and through the preview, I saw it was her. Quickly, I logged into the sms. It was a short note, an address with the word ‘be punctual’ as a sign off.

I quickly packed my things and left the office as my colleagues called out to me. I wanted to be punctual, most of all, I wanted to be fucked. My dick hardened at the thought of being fucked that I started to wank myself as I drove. First by just rubbing on my hardness but after some painful seconds, I pulled my dick out and wanked furiously, hurting myself but enjoying the pain. I quickly packed on the road to scream out as I came. I didn’t care if people were looking at me, I just wanted the release. When I was through, I came to my senses and saw a couple standing by the road side, looking at me as if I was cursed then walk way. I was cursed. I tried to clean off but my panties were stained. I didn’t care, I wanted to be punctual so, I drove off with the speed of light and got to the venue, 10minutes early with a big smile and stained pants which just happened to glow visible unknown to me.

I quickly rushed out of the car and into the venue to find it was a museum. I was pleased I didn’t go home first cause I wanted to change to just a rob, something that won’t get in the way of me fucking her the minute I see her.

Wow you have such a weird entrance don’t you?

Her breathless voice caught me unawares as I turned round to look into her big brown eyes behind her famous geeky glasses. She looked down at my pants and then winked at me. At that moment, I noticed everyone close by staring at me with disgust, she smiled at my panties again and walked away. To my dismay, I saw the white patches round my zipper with tissues particles helping build the perfect story. In shame, I ran to the security and asked for the convenience.

As I finished washing up and drying my pants with the hand dryer, I heard the door open and close but didn’t look back, suddenly, hands grabbed at my neck and bite my ear hard, I screamed as I grabbed the hand but at that instant, she blew air into the sore and started to lick. I got hard, grabbed her by the neck and lead her into the toilet. Turned her over against the wall and fucked her from behind. The odd thing was I screamed out in pleasure more than she did, she just giggled as I came into her with so much force, slamming my pelvic into her wet juicy pussy. As I got weak, she quickly turned round and went down on me, her eyes glued to mine with that mischievous grin.

She could suck, OMG she could suck. I got hard again and was about to explode when she bite my dick hard. I screamed so loud in pain that the security came rushing in and asking if there was a problem. Of cause he barged into us, she didn’t stop, she just kept sucking as the security stammered, I stammered my response and as he was about to leave, she dragged him back, pulling at his pants. He stood shocked as she unbuckled his belt, I stood perplexed as she started to suck him. She smiled at me while she sucked him as he tried to hold her hair; she threw his arms away so he held on to the door. She then changed her posture from a squat to a bend, raising her ass for me to see, then, she lifted her left leg and balanced it on the cretin making her pussy visible under her skirt. Without further directive, I plugged my dick into her and fucked her as she sucked him. The security man and my eyes met but we looked away, both to her as she fucked both of us with her mouth and her pussy. He came first and quickly cleaned up and left. I came next as she quickly turned to take my cum in her mouth. She smiled and walked away. I cleaned up, came out and she was nowhere to be found. I saw the security man but he quickly looked away as I walked to my car. A lady standing by opened her eyes in shock to see me enter into a police van

Pervert guys like you give a bad name to the force

She spat, entered her car and drove off. I didn’t give two fucks! 

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