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Monday, November 9, 2015

Marred to Perfection 5

As soon as I walked into the venue, the bouncers asked a question and I gave them the answer. I was then allowed in and led through a kitchen to a winery then, through a dark hall way to a red lite door. As I opened the door, I felt like I was in a club only different was I was over dressed. It was a masked orgy. A lady appeared from nowhere and she handed me my mask

Hmmm first timer I can see

She smiled as she slapped my bum. I smiled at the gesture; she grabbed me and kissed me, feeling my dick.

Have fun newbie

She said and danced away. I sure was going to. As I stepped further in, I could see some people already having fun; 3 somes, 4 somes, girl on girl action, yuck - men on men and so much more. I forgot why I came and just kept strolling round and enjoying the scenario as two young ladies walked up to me

You care to join us?I told her you’d be big down there

I smiled as they both kissed, eyes on me, they sounded like teens but their mask covered their faces

Hmm I don’t know

I responded, I wasn’t a fan of teens. There boobs were small too and their hips hadn’t come out yet, they were also too skinny for me

We are twins you know?

They said same time and it sent a shiver down my spine, eerie. They walked up to me and started feeling my dick and my bum as they giggled. I was enjoying it but I wasn’t ready to join in, I was still savoring the sight.

Hmm you not even as big as you look

One said and they both walked away. I laughed out loud; I was really enjoying myself when someone slapped my bum, I quickly turned to see who

You are too dressed. Take off some thing

A lady with a whip in her mouth commanded, she had only what looked like feathers covering her nipples and clits. Her breast was full and big, obviously fake. She also had full hips and bum, a great figure if I must say. I quickly took off my shirt and pants left with only my boxers. She smiled, flogged me as she walked round me then dragged me by my cloak towards a sofa. Round 1 begins.
She was a good fuck. I was hard by the time we got to the sofa cause she kept whispering what she did do with my dick as she led me, turning round, eyes a bit dazed and her full red lips smiling. As we got to the sofa, she flogged me again

Take off your boxers and sit back

She ordered. I obeyed without complain, enjoying the command. She didn’t even bother about fore play, she just climbed on my dick and started rocking as if she was possessed

Oh I love your dick, it fills me up real good

She whispered in moans as I clinched her hips, trying hard not to cum so fast, she wass a talker, I didn’t so much like talkers, she kept talking about how my dick felt and compared it to her last fuck, she could ride luckily so I didn’t lose my erection

Pinch my nipple, suck my nipple, do it quick

She said in breathless wispers. I could feel her walls tighten, I pinched the feathers off and started sucking hard

Harder fucker, harder bitch

She screamed as she whipped my back real hard. I sucked hard, biting too in between. She flung the whip as her moans grew louder. Her fingers dug into my back, giving me a painful scratch as she came. She rolled faster as I lifted her slightly and pumped faster. We came together, it was such a good one. She relaxed, let go of my back and got off me. She didn’t even say thank you, just smiled, and picked up her whip then cat walked, away. I laughed so loud. I was enjoying this. I got up and went in search of the bathroom before I find my next fuck mate.

The last orgy I attended, most of them knew themselves and maybe cause I was with mimi, no one really jumped on me. This, no one cared, everyone was in costume and masked heavily so you cant really tell who the next person was and that was what I loved the most, the mystery. As I watche din the bathroom, a lady dressed in what I call ropes round her boobs and ass, walked in. she had on whiskers and a cat tail. Her fingers where long and blood red; She hissed at me

I have been watching you, you fuck real good

She had a foreign accent, I couldn’t tell which cause she immediately bent down and started sucking my dick. She was good, I helped her head pump more, as I got hard, she pushed off my hands and then stood up, climbed the sink and opened her pink pussy. It was so inviting I just plugged in. her moans where heavenly, she was so flexible, she didn’t need me to change the styles, she just got up and did them. As i was about to cum, she pushed me off and bent down to suck me while she finger fucked herself. As I came, I screamed, she sucked my dick so hard, sucking my cum. I felt her close her legs and suppress moans cause of my dick in her mouth. She came, she actually came. She stood up and stuck her cum finger in my mouth, it tasted…salty of cause but if hard a pineapple taste to it. She then gave me a hard kiss, her finger still in my mouth. She smiled at me then walked away. 2nd pussy with no condom, I laughed out so loud and washed up. I continued watching, I wasn’t so much in the mood to fuck anyone cause I had no condom and I wasn’t finding fucking without one funny. That was when some one jumped on me, wrapped her legs round me from behind and bite my ear so hard it tore. I was so angry I dragged her off and she giggled, it was VAL, my dick instantly got hard. She was dressed like a nun but her costume was transparent and I could see her full boobs and curves in it. Angrily and hard, I turned her and bent her over, raised the gown and stuck my dick in her, as I fucked her hard she giggled more, it turned me on so bad I came within seconds.

She laughed so loud I slapped her. She slapped me back and grabbed my face, kissing me so hard. I got hard again as she wanked me, slowly dragging me towards the wall. She then leaned on it and guided my dick into her. This time, I rode gently and she slapped me again, looking into my eyes with anger. I stopped in shock as she slapped me harder. I got angry and started fucking her so hard I felt her pussy tire. She started giggling again, she then held my bum and dug her nails hard into them, I screamed in pain as she moaned louder, enjoying my pain, cumming so hard I felt the juice on my dick. Instantly, I came. She smiled, pushed me away and said

Go wash up and leave, you have had enough fun for one night. Be ready for the next.

She then walked away. Shocked and in pain, I went to was myself. I was bleeding from my bum and ears but I swear, I loved every bit of the madness. I was entrapped by her, little did I know I was becoming her slave.

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