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Sunday, November 1, 2015

Marred to Perfection 3

Talk before we fuck your penis hole with a broom stick
Guy you do not want to know how that feels I bet you so better talk now

Peter kept crying and I felt for him but Chief was dead, 21 billion meant for a project, missing and though rumours trace it to Val, we can’t act on rumour. Peter was our only link, somehow, I feel he was our snitch but the person he was naming just didn’t fit the part.

Peter, I know you were faithful to Chief; you worked with him for over 9 years now as his personal everything - From gardener to butler to PA. You had access to his private chamber in the house, you also knew his safe’s code; everything points to you but the reason why is that you found the body, you called us. So to an extent, that vindicates you but what we can’t get is you saying you were fast asleep and didn’t hear a thing. Now you point Miss Val as the killer. Please tell us why?

Oga Dinko, I dey tell you true. I nor know who kill oga but I dey suspect that val woman. She dey come house by mid night dey leave before dey break. Me I know say na her even though she nor dey dress like hersef

He said in-between tears

What do you mean by that?

You know say she dey dress like SU? But when she dey come find oga, na correct black leather she dey wear con carry one fine leather suit case. I know her face, I know her eyes so I know say na her

That interrogation was the first mention of her name impersonating herself. I know about sadomachosim but double personality is not really common in Naija, or I’m I making a mistake? We don’t even like pain and pleasure that deep. Or so I thought. Mimi and I had practice some tying up, blind folds and soft whips. We never took it that far though. She use to like ice traced down her spin and me biting her butt softly every now and then. She also liked being spanked hard especially when she cums and a soft choke when I am hitting her from the back. But whips and hard choke that can leave a mark on your neck or can lead to death…na, we weren’t down for that, Mimi wasn’t I bet you.

We had attended an orgy once; She loves wild sex and I, I played the faithful stug as I love to explore sex. There were different rooms for different sex act. A particular room had a lady strapped hands and legs to a bed and blind folded as different guys took turns with her. At a point, she was weak and begged to be freed but that was when three guys jumped on her: one stuck is dick into her mouth to stop her sobbing then the other 2 freed her legs, turned her over and oneheld them down to keep them in place and the another fucked her in the ass so hard. I was almost going to attack them cause I could hear her scream and choke from the dick stuck in her mouth but Mimi stopped me. She told me that was the lady’s favourite, she loved being raped in un-imaginary ways and guys often wait for this opportunity with her. I couldn’t understand or believe but I let it be. Same night as we finished having fun and waking away, I saw the same lady bleeding from the mouth, laughing hysterically and telling a man she had so much fun. Then she kissed him with the blood dripping from the side of her lips. Grrr, I cringed. People got issues, sexual issues but then, that’s their preference. 

So to an extent, I knew peter was talking about sadomasochism but what I didn’t get was why will Val pretend to be a novice, a rep risk when she is actually one hot sexy mama in leather pants? Ladies of now a-days feed on being sexy so why would she act as someone else?

This bothered my mind so much I had to invite her again for a private chat. To keep her off guard, I told her I found her attractive and would love to have a drink with her in one of the famous fast food joints. She obliged and we met.  We had a drink, chocolate shake and pizza. Funny, she was nice to talk to and she was so intelligent. We talked about so many things I forgot why I was there.

You didn't just invite me for a drink, men don’t do that with me, they  find me … unattractive

No no!

I tried to defend myself

I just wanted a friendly chat with you, you lost your boss and it can be hard you know
You lost a man you were protecting; you should be the one finding it hard to digest. It can cost you your job and you know that. So tell me, what did you come to ask me? You think I did it or know who did? Cause that is a question I have no answer for

Wow she was smart I must say and that caught me off guard

For real Val, I just came to talk. See how you were doing and catch up. We never got to talk before, you worked with us for over 5months, I am not that unfriendly you know

Ok, so talk. I didn’t even notice I was there for 5 months, I thought it was just 1

She giggled and funny, that made me hard cause there was this sparkle in her eyes that just did it and I can’t explain what it is so don’t ask. Some of you would have been in such position before so you understand

Can you stop?

Stop what?

She asked and giggled some more, this time, loud and my dick just kept throbbing

Please stop

I screamed and she did. She then leaned forward and asked with a cold breathless voice

Is it turning you on?

Now that shook me cause she looked deep into my eyes and gave a wide smile. Her two brown teeth showed and I saw they were actually gold teeth and not dirty.

Of cause not

I whimpered and drank my shake so fast it was noisy. She smiled and sipped on hers. There was total silence. I paid the bill and accompanied her to get a taxi. When we found one for her, she leaned over, making as if to peak me or whisper in my ear but instead, she bite on it, blew air into it and peaked it. She then leaned back, stared into my eyes and smiled at me, boarded the cab and left. I came, literally. Wasn’t the usual cum but my pants got wet. This was a new sexual feeling that I never knew and somehow, I knew, I wanted to explore it.  

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