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Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Marred to Perfection 2

So it wasn’t a strange thing to return back to work after 6 months to find out that Chief had a new secretary. Na, it wasn’t strange either that she was female. What was strange was that she was a nerdy, geeky looking unfashionista. You know the type we called ‘rep risk’ way back in school.
I got a warm welcome from the guys when I landed; Tunde and Ugochukwu were so happy to see me. They wanted to hear all about the training, wishing they were the ones who got lucky. In return, they told me about the new secretary, the girl that can make Chief angry one minute and in seconds, calm him down just by her stare. Wow, I couldn’t wait to meet her so you can understand my shock when I finally got to meet her and find out she wasn’t one hot sexy, fair skinned figure 8 chic. Let me rewind, yeah she had a figure 8 hidden under the long male shirts she wore on baggy trousers. I could see the well rounded bum protruding from the trousers and I must say she must be packing some really big shid for it to be so visible under the well she calls clothes.
She also seemed shy, when I said hi to her, she responded but quickly looked away and continued typing on her laptop. I was amazed mostly at how fast she typed, she however was looking sternly at the system so I knew there was guts hidden somewhere behind the big round doctors’ glasses. There was nothing sexy about her so I wondered how is it possible that they could be right that she can make chief calm down when he is having one of his fearful tantrums. Oh well, I just walked on by and into chief’s office. He was so glad to see me
Welcome back my boy. Hope you are now well equipped body and mind to protect me as you are now my personal chief security. You will be training the guys on things you’ve learnt and make sure my home, office and self is protected. A man like me got enemies around you know
He said as he got up from his seat and pats my back. Now that was a surprise. More surprising was that he walked up to his bar (something I have never seen him do in my 1 and almost half years with him) not only pour himself a drink at 2:15pm in the day but also poured for me and handed me mine.
No, sir it’s too early I…
I insist, are you saying no to me?
He said bringing the fearful stern face I have grown to know
Sorry sir, my mistake
I said as I took a sip and he burst out laughing. Wow chief had changed; he had really changed and was looking so relaxed and happy. Suddenly, a knock on the door and the door swung open. The now famous secretary stepped in and immediately, Chief became stern again, straightened his suit and mumbled that I could leave while he quickly went to his seat and sat down. Now it looked like he was somewhat scared of the lady, I turned to look suspiciously at the secretary briefly and back at him to catch a brief quick grin on his face. Wow, something fishy def is going on. I said to myself as I walked out of the office.

Suzi was so happy to see me, she licked me up and down and wagged her tail. I was so delighted to see she was doing fine and well fed but Mimi missed me more as she welcomed me with a bunny porn attire. It had slits across the nipple and clit area that turned me on so fast I grabbed her and fucked her on the stair case. In 5 minutes I came as she laughed- that sweet, tingling laughter that always made my dick stand no matter how many times I must have cum. She continued laughing as I tickled her to stop but instead, my dick got harder.
Hmm, tiny wants some hmmm
She said flirtingly as she made me lean on the stair case. He pulled my pants lower and kissed the tip of my dick as it nodded approvingly. She looked at me, winked and I smiled. She then leaned over, took tiny in her mouth and sucked me so tenderly, I felt like sleeping but …BOOM, before I could say Heffner, I came in her mouth. Now this is the part I like; she sucked all my juice off, licking occasionally as if enjoying a cone of deliciously tasting caramel filled ice cream (now you know my fav flavor lol).

We kissed for minutes after and just lay there together till we slept off. 
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