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Friday, October 23, 2015

MARRED to perfection - Intro

She was just an innocent village girl who wanted to feel the city life. Val wasn’t known as val to many, even the village she was from, she was known by her local name; that is if they remembered her at all.

She wasn’t a sex icon, no, she wasn’t at all so she was sure they were mistaken her. Her big round medicated glasses could never stand as sexy nor her bushy hair and long sleeve sweat shirts she always had on.

It was a mistake peter pointed her out as the killer of Bode, their multimillionaire boss. He couldn’t be having an affair with this geeky character. She was nothing to right home about, I mean, she will turn every man off especially when she smiled. She had like two colored teeths so what is peter saying? He must be drunk as usual.

I felt weak especially as I needed to give  statement at the station, I was appointed Chief bode’s chief security and I never saw his death coming nor more than 12 billion naira missing from his account with traces to the village geeky girl Val.

This was a mystery that will be hard to solve. I told Val she could go and she will be called when anything surfaced, any clue involving her. That is when she gave me that smile, that smile that made my dick hard and me… SCARED!

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