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Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Marred to Perfection 1

I remembered that faithful Monday morning.
My Boss, Chief Bode invited me into his office, he was always so strict and so serious that I always dread being invited in. Even when he cracks a joke, his face is stiff so you are not sure if it is or not and if you don’t laugh, God help you cause the man can stroke.

Sit down young man, you look exasperated, was it a long night with madam last night?

He leaned forward as he made the last statement, staring deep into my eyes. Now this is one of them moments when you didn’t know if to laugh or to cry or to just remain stiff. I gambled and chuckled

That is my boy, ever so active in and out

He said then turned to some files on the table and started looking through, brought out a file and I froze. It had my name on it. A lot of things ran through my mind. Was he about to fire me? Is my role about to change? What have I done this time? His cold voice woke me up…

So, I have been going through your file and have come to a conclusion. You have worked for me for two years now and it’s time to send you off

I froze

I will be sending you to New York for a special training. I spoke to your boss already and he agreed. This training will make you an expert in security and investigation as I will need a personal security officer of good standard. You my boy, have proven worthy of that position.

He got up and I immediately stood up after him, glad that I wasn’t been sacked; any one sacked by Chief Bode automatically gets sacked from the force. Not a good story that is why we dread coming to work with him but today, I am happy to be working with him I mean, who gets the chance to go for such training in the force at my level?
We shook hands and he patted my back and said with a wink

Be careful of New York girls, they did fuck your brains out and also your future

I was shocked and he saw it but for the first time, he gave me a smile for just one second and that was it. I smiled sheepishly and left his office. As I stepped out, I ran into Isabel, Chief Bode’s personal secretary. She was crying.

Bell what is wrong?

I just got fired. Chief Bode said my skirt was too short and revealing too much and I must go

She sobbed

Oh, sorry to hear that

I said and walked away. It was no new gist that she was doing everything in her power to get Chief, everyone knew he played games but no one knew how he played; She, had tried too hard. 
I got back home and told Mimi. Mimi was my live in lover. She was a widow, 17years older than me, a good cook and most especially, a good fuck.
She was happy to hear the news and it woke up the animal instinct in her.
Let me call the big boobs girl, you deserve a threat
Yes, my cougar loved threesome and I, a willing partner. She made all the calls, the arrangement and I, I just enjoy the act.

That night was special, she didn’t just call the big boobs girl (she never gave me their names nor number – her rules: enjoy the game but don’t get involved with the games), they both dressed up as cheer leaders and I got to wear my glowing tie and socks while I fucked the both of them dry. 

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