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Sunday, September 6, 2015

W-I-L-L 8

I was walking out on it all, I was just tired. Don’t ask me where I am going to but mehn, I can’t take it anymore. I was walking out on them all. Chuks and his very pregnant Temisan, Oke and his fake righteousness when he wasn’t even marrying his babe of over 3years, Breanne and her stupid yet sexy naivety and her fucking hilarious dad that thinks he can catch me when he doesn’t even know the half and oh, that woman Omoni, I laugh in pidgin. She must feel so stupid with herself. She actually led me to her bed room. I was naked, she was naked. She had kissed, licked and sucked everywhere possible on my body and I gave her the eating of her life. She lead me, lips locked, up stairs, fingers in her pussy, her palm wanking me, lips really locked and moans all in the air; she lead, into the bedroom. Then she broke free, with a smile so sexy even the devil will be jealous, she walked seductively, biting her lips as she walked towards the bed and laid down, then slowly, still smiling, teasing me while I wanked myself, leaning on the door with a big smile like the fool I, she laid down. Then she started tracing her body with her fingers, eyes still locked with mine, teeth biting on lips, she traced to her boobs, her well rounded boobs and large areola with nipples standing erect like if it was a soldier at attention. I wanked more as my breath deepens then. She kept trailing her nody with her left arm until she got down to her pussy and started, slowly, finger fucking herself, at that moment, I felt the blood rush up and I ran to her. She pushed me away with her right leg and laughed, the laugh made me release a lil as a soft moan of pain escaped my lips.

I want to eat you again

I said almost in a whisper. It made her smile and laugh a lil as she drew me in with the same leg, I bite on it, and kissed it,tracing her legs with kisses up to her parted lips as my lil willy, erect, touched the wetness of her pussy, at that moment, my eyes locked with her. I stared for just a second, it took just that second… I bowed my head, turned and pulled away. I walked straight without looking back, out the door, picking my cloths as I walked and the next thing I knew, I was in my car, naked, ignition kicked, naked, I drove home as tears ran down my eyes. 

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