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Monday, August 31, 2015

W-I-L-L 7

Life seems to be blissful; I got my girl back, my boss decided to take a year break and kept me in charge of the business, everything was awesome until that faithful day.

Oh boy-I-ye! Na so the woman wan take destroy my life o
How na? How, when you are the one that got her pregnant for the 4th time now haba! Are you an abortionist priest, dem dey pay you for each abortion abi your gods tell you say na unborn pikin dem dey need to bless you?

Oke spat angrily at Chuks. Temisan is pregnant again and now, heavy. She refused to have another abortion due to her age but Chuks cannot see his role in it, he feels he is the victim and I swear, I had problems of my own and didn’t want to interfere. You wonder what is making me so pensive, well wonder no more I’d tell you as you guys are the only ones that can read this and not tell either my friends or Breanna. Yes, you are right again, it has to do with Omoni.
This faithful morning as I was giving thanks to the Almighty for all the gifts the circumstance was giving me, that sexy, hot witch called me. No, she didn’t call me, she sent me sms using my boss phone, telling me he was in town and I should come to the house. Shocked that he returned just after 3 months, I hurriedly left the office for his house without even any suspicion. I didn’t even call his daughter, my girlfriend. I just believed like the mumu wey I be.  I got to the house and rang the bell, well truthfully, I had tried the door as I usually do, peeped in, saw no one and rang the bell. No answer, so I pressed again, and again now by the 6th time my impatient demon kicked in so I stepped into the house and went straight to the living room. No one there so I peeped at the backyard from the window, admiring the well shaped garden and recalling my last ordeal that almost ended my relationship. At that moment, if I was sharp and listen to my instinct, I would have heard it tell me I am about to walk into a trap worse than the last time but me, guy man me…

Will, will, why are you so lost? Can’t you see what your friend is doing here, he is ruining the poor girl’s life and me I won’t take it.
Guy, leave Chuks and Temisan, when they were fucking and enjoying the fuck, you weren’t there, they did not invite you for a 3some so let him rot with his problem

Both guys looked at me with jaws dropped. I really didn’t care and walked away.

I didn’t listen instead I smiled, smoothened my beards with my palm, licking my lips and recalling the sweet event. At that moment, I turned around and bumped into her lips. I don’t know how but my eyes automatically closed and my arms, the foolish arms that was trying to pull her away felt the nakedness of her skin and instead, traced her arms down to her curve as I stiffened. That bastard I call lil willy stiffened and she felt it, she laughed into my opened mouth that was sucking her tongue as her hard, seductively but firmly held on to lil willy. I swear, I didn’t know how but I know I helped her pull my trouser down and the stupid arms of mine pushed her downwards so she could be face to face with lil willy. As her tongue touched my cap, I knew I had willingly entered the pits of hell. 

It's over mehn, fuck it, lets die here!

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