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Wednesday, August 19, 2015

I have a Probem, do YOU!

Before, we had the physical and the spiritual and we found it hard to infuse the two together. Even the so called born again didn't really know how to - they either live too much in the spiritual and totally lose it in the physical or be spiritual at face value.

Then this new trend came into being. It started with just having a yahoo account, we came on just to read foreign gist and then yahoo personals erupted and penpals turned real. We could communicate with foreign friends in real time and it was so much fun. I personally spent hours leaving school premise to cafe's for up to 3hours to chat with friends. People wondered what was so special about online but I knew it was 'the beginning'. Then schools told all of us to go online but hey, I was online and chatting helped me master the art of typing fast lol. Not long, myspace and hotmails came up with the messengers too, wow I couldn't have enough and with time...Google showed face and Facebook followed by Twitter. Now we all moved our tentacles and joined the train, Life was becoming fun off physical and not on a spiritual level. This time, we could mix both and the other didn't suffer. We infused the two and continued to enjoy what we thought was just a learning base dawned on us, we could trade and do everything physical online. We didn't have to travel or school in Harvard to understand how to do business or be at par with a foreign mate. It was awesome.

e-life is now a major player in our world, and it doesn't need a hard earned connectivity to bond. It has taken us closer to the world around us and opened opportunities for us. Now, if I am bored physically (which is rarely) I get unbored online; wait o, I think it's the other way round anyway, it is either one of the two lol at any point in time. I have learnt a lot online, I have improved on self physically and spiritually online. I have friends like @prasad for almost 17years now and I have never seen him. I have done business, got paid and moved on with partners that I might never get to meet. Even had proposals and built bonds that you can't imagine online. I have brought people together, made them friends and couples from social networking, found my lost brother(s) and 2nd dad from mobile messengers'. I have friends who are like family found from these platform like @Esho. Fell in-love too @Ona. I have bought things and lived online as a pseudo called 'Gwen' who is more of a radical(suziette was a bit lol), self centered and brutal with words no-nonsense lady, so different from Suziette and eventually, I found away and infused the two personalities together. Then I wonder, if I die, will heaven also have an online spiritual presence? (of course I am going to heaven, my name has always been in the book of life; stay there).
Now everything seems to be online and the physical...some of us still can't manage to live the two. People who want to run from life run online and live. We are so 'online conscious' that people see us as unserious. This is my problem. That the old school (yes o if u are not social network savvy, u are so old school lol) sees us as unserious and hate us for living so much on both lives. Now everyone is talking about online this and online that, they have become experts in how to live, some even have workshops on how to live efficiently online lol. Parents are sending their kids to online schools and all, the craze to  be online is now so immerse yet they can't still see the big picture.
I went for an interview last week and was proud to hear the interviewer ask if I had an online presence; it made me know they knew their onions. Now everything is online from watching TV, to video, to writing and reading, to making friends, to listening to radio, to buying and selling, to religious service attending, to seminars(webinars), to cooking, to gaming(my all time favorite) to gambling, to even ... making love and FIGHTS lol.

My dear (in Jioke's voice), if u don't get with this problem and the dawn wakes on u, we would have taken all the online space and u will just DIE. So for your own sake, better get in to our problem and enjoy the benefits of e-living.


Social Network Craze

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