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Saturday, August 22, 2015

W-I-L-L 6

When you mess up with a Lady, it takes the grace of love for her to forgive but trust me, she never forgets. It took like almost three months of begging and flower delivery (mind you, she is a proper naija woman so flowers go with expensive gifts, mostly Jewries) to get her to even pick up my call then weeks of dinner dates, opening doors, drawing out seats, calling 20 times a day to appease her, to get her to give me a kiss. Let’s not even go to sex, that will be voluntary when she wants so, me, I am just minding my business and happy that at least, I got my babe back.

Oh! Boy that babe na fire o. so na now she just forgive you? No makeup sex?
Make up sex ya mouf, say she kiss me sef I happy abeg, make we nor go there yet o Niyi, a beg. For now make I just dey enjoy my woman

This made the guys burst into the song ‘my woman’. They knew how much I didn’t like it and tormented me with it. I just laughed and froze in shock as my phone rang. It was Omoni.

Guy this woman dey hunt you o, since she nor call you na today wey Bree manage kiss you she dey call, see devil o?
Bode leaf mata, this woman naim devil send to torment Will, he never start
You guys try and pity the guy na, can’t you see he can’t even pick the call

Oke said bursting out in laughter as the others joined him. Chuks put his hands on my shoulder and calmly said

Guy, don’t pick. You don’t need this drama anymore

I looked at him and smiled. He was right; I really don’t need the temptation. It almost cost me the love of my life but then, is that not why temptation is always sweet; the fear of being caught and losing something worth keeping? The phone rang again and I didn’t even look at it. Niyi picked up my phone and made to throw it away when Chuks stopped him

My guy its Bree o, haba u nor go look before you fling?
I quickly took the phone from Niyi and picked my call
Bree love, hi, how you, hun! Whats good, you called?
I miss you, was going through the album of our last trip to Abeokuta when we climbed Olumo rock and I remembered how much we loved each other…by the way, why are you jittery?

She asked suspicious

Me, I was just happy to hear from you. I just dropped you like 2hours ago and you are calling me!
Yeah but it’s not the first time!
It is the first time in months, sweets, I am happy you called ok?
Ok. Anyway, I was thinking, let’s go for another trip. Maybe visit the water falls in Ikom and then lodge at Obudu cattle ranch but first, let’s visit my bedroom

She said in that her wicked yet babyish flirtatious voice. I didn’t even bother to say bye. I just picked up my keys and in a flash, I was out of our fav bar while my friends called out, asking what was wrong. In seconds, I was in my car driving as I heard her voice call out from the phone

Will, will are you there?

I quickly tried to pick up the phone as lost control and struggled with the wheels, hitting a pavement. This thing the call conji dey kill o.

I will call you back dear, I just had a minor accident I’ll call you back

I cut the phone despite her worried voice, calling out, trying to find out how serious the accident was. I was horny no doubt, I hadn’t had some in months; punishment to myself for making that silly mistake but I wasn’t horny enough to kill myself. I stepped out of the car and looked at the destruction. I had hit a short block protruding from the ground when I climbed the pavement. My lights were broken, minor thing as my horny bells rang again and I zoomed down to her house. I rang the bell and as she opened, saw me and her calm face turned worried, I planted a kiss on her lips. She jumped on me immediately, wrapping her legs round my waist. I didn’t bother to close the door, I just pinned her to the wall, lips still trapped with hers, zipped down and plugged into her. She had this short skirt on so it made it easy and the best part, she was having no panties on. I came as soon as I felt her wetness. She smiled. I smiled back and bent down to bite her nipples.

If I get pregnant eh-en?
You will keep it

I completed

Or isn’t it time we had a baby?

She smiled and kissed me hard. Slide down, freeing me from her grip and led me, hand to hand, to her bedroom. Now this sex, I will leave to your imagination but we kept at it for 4 hours and felt exhausted after. Went to the kitchen naked, fixed dinner or was it breakfast and did it again on the kitchen cabinet. Burnt the food and laid on the kitchen ground, laughing and eating cold chicken with cans of Kissmix (her favourite alcoholic cocktail drink). 

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