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Sunday, August 9, 2015

W-I-L-L 5

What came next was unexpected.
I was enjoying my new found manliness back again as I noticed Omoni did everything to avoid me. She even started wearing long clothing’s like an SU. Sometimes I couldn’t help but laugh, she was always straight faced and snoobish. It was like a dream come true. We were having dinner with Breanna’s Dad, my boss. He had fully recovered and was walking with just a walking stick. At the table, she and Breanna behaved themselves, they acted civil and this made my boss very happy. As we had dessert, Breanna made to feed me and I smiled, telling her to stop before her dad shoots me. He smiled and replied

I did kill you for something else not for eating cake from my daughter on the table, you catch my drift?

The look he gave me after was funny especially since it made Omoni’s head drop. Fear grip me that instant. What did he know, what could he possibly be talking about, did the bitch spill to get back at me or what? I couldn’t calm my heart beat after that

Don’t mind Daddy

Breanna cooed, she kissed my lips then whispered in my ears

He keeps saying he thinks you are into Omoni but he doesn’t know best. I know she is the one after you and that is why you hate her

I stared in total shock at her but she acted all normal, returning to her plate of cake. How long could she had possibly known? Is she faking thinking I didn’t like Omoni? For pete sake I would have fucked that pussy if not for her (mind my French). I stared hard at Omoni, she didn’t even look at me. I then slowly looked at my boss; he picked a spoon and waved it at me in the usual Nigerian warning style. I quickly picked up my plate, waka go kitchen go drop. I almost fainted when I got to the sink. Then I jumped as a hand felt my back.

He knows nothing, don’t be scared

As I turned to look at her, she had walked away

Follow me

She said and like a zombie, I did

Follow me

She cooed again, and I quickly turned into the garden. She stopped then, slowly, she took of her dress and showed me her nakedness. I swear, I hard instanta. She then started touching herself down there

Do you like what you see?

She said breathless, before I could reply, she was in front of me, an inch apart, she then slowly, pushed her finger into my mouth. I could taste her saltiness. She smelt like pineapple, tasted like pineapple against the salty feel of raw pussy juice. I closed my eyes, enjoying the taste and smell. Suddenly, I felt the finger pull out my mouth and when I opened my eyes, she was gone. I ran towards the back quarters to look for her but instead, I ran into my boss; My erection flaccid immediately.

You are playing a dirty game my son. Dating my daughter is still hard to accept but you are not getting my company

He started to walk away, walked passed me and I gave out a loud exhale, I was actually holding my breath

…And, my wife. If you lay even a finger on her, I swear, I will grate it in my grating machine

He didn’t even turn to look at me. If he had, I probably would be dead by now cause I actually chuckled at the word finger. If only he could smell my breath. I licked my lips; I could still taste her as he walked away. I looked up and saw her. She smiled at me, she was naked and her full DD cupped boobs were pressed against the window, her large areola stared at me, called me, kissed my lips

There you are I’ve been searching for you

Breanna walked towards me and then suddenly, grabbed my lil man

Were you remembering when we had a quickie there the first day you visited?

Now that was a relief if she actually thought a quickie remembrance gave me that, wow, I actually forgot that was her room and now it got me wondering, why did Omoni go there to tempt me? I looked up again and she was gone, Thank God cause Breanna turned and looked up too


She cooed in her mischievous way

Let’s go behind the flower bed and have a quickie for old time sake

She dragged my hand and giggled like a little girl and I, happily followed her to release this pain I was having. As we made the turn, she pulled down my pants and stuck lil man in her mouth. In seconds, she turned round, raised her skirt and helped lil man into her, I moaned loud without a care in the world cause right there and then, I was taken to a blissful place. She started wiggling fast and pumping in between as my hands guarded her, holding her by the side of her small curved hips, helping her go faster. I could feel my veins stick out, blood rushing, sperm exploding as I screamed out…

Oh baby, oh baby, oh Omo…

She spat and pulled away as my lil man dropped, spilling sperm all over my pants and shoes

What name did you just call?

My heart skipped a beat. I actually called out ‘Omo’ I actually called out ‘Omo’ I’m I insane?

Oh boy that nor be funny gist at all o, so how you take settle am?

Niyi asked over a bottle of beer. I couldn’t touch mine, I couldn’t think. It was really a bad experience through and through, Breanna didn’t deserve it. I looked round the table, today we were complete, there was a match playing, two of the toppest team and we were divided into the reds and the blues. We had our usual table and usual drink, the only unusual thing was I was sober and not drinking

Men, na so I stammer say na ‘omo’ I been wan talk o, say abi she forget say I dey quick talk ‘omo babe’
Ok that is kool so why you con dey do like say fire don burn ya dick?
Oke, she no buy am at all. She para say make I nor lie, She reminded me that I use the statement only when we were doing our usual gossip and never during sex. I told her there is always a first time and she gave me a first time slap; Straightened her skirt and walked away.
Dat nor be good sign at all o, she tell her papa?
Na, she nor even enter house just straight enter her car while I ran after her. Na after I pass the 2nd street after their own naim I realise sef say my willy still dey out na only belt I strap and I nor strap am well

They all burts into laughter as Niyi held my shoulder in reassurance

Guy, at least you got a taste of that ancient punani

They all laughed and had a hi-5 with Niyi. Bode then added

Next time guy, when you see that Omoni woman, carry ya shoe put for ya head run
No, no just run, fly. Turn shadow, turn wind, turn anything just make sure say you vamoose

Chuks added as they all laughed again while Chris rubbed his head in admiration, like fathers do to their kids, naughty kids

But come o, so you been shenk us from better gist before? You nor been tell us that kitchen story o, badt boy, you just been wan enjoy that story alone, na sango catch you

They all nodded in agreement while I sighed

Now what is going to happen, is that it with Breanna?



  1. This is such an interesting and captivating read. Suziette, do you also screenplay? We could do something together.

    1. not done any screen play since i left school but we could try.