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Monday, August 3, 2015

W-I-L-L 4

  I did everything possible to avoid going to the hospital after that incident. I freaking had a hard-on that means I could take her if I decide to lose it. She was older yes, you could see the wrinkle-line show at the sides of her eyes when she smiled that angelic smile. She had a way with her smile; she will rock slowly like a little girl while she smiled. Then she will end it with a flirtatious look and wink, a lick of her left lower lip and a bite. Now that gets to me, I can just imagine her bite gently at my lil man, and then teasingly, roll her tongue round the tip. I felt a hard-on nod at the thought. She def will be a bomber in bed

Will, will are you listening to me at all?
Sorry babe, please repeat
You have been lost these days and acting so strange especially with Omoni

I said with so much irritation

Oh! Don’t start pretending on me Will, I know you too well. Please as much as I hate her I just need to be calm around her for Dad’s sake; so please, curtail your own hatred too ok dear?

If only she knew, I laughed in side

Ok love, anything for you

I said as I planted a kiss on her lips. I like the way she plays naïve, more so, I like that she can be that oblivious about the truth. I dropped her off at her house and drove straight to meet the boys at our favourite bar – Da Liqueur Bar. They hailed as they saw me, Oke made to be wanking and I laughed. We always had our different expression for each late entrance. Mine was the wank, Oke was a side blow job while Chuks was a rodeo spank then Niyi was the tongue (laughs) the licking pussy tongue, it irritated him. And yes, there is a Niyi; you thought we were just 3guys? Na. we are actually 9 correct bobos but the 4 of us have come all the way from nursery school. Funny, all the way to primary school, Chuks was the soft cry baby; now he is the bad asss nigga amongst us, keeping a steady babe for over 10years and still changing at least 3 different babes every month. Within us, we know 2 of his illegitimate kiddies that he refused to accept as his. The good thing is that their mothers made sure they were carbon copies of their Dad’s (I think that is the only thing ladies don’t fake lol).

Lover boy so have you done it, have you made the old woman scream ‘hallelujah’?
I laughed, yes, I would so love to fuck the living day lights out of Omoni but she was Breanna’s step mum and I won’t want to hurt Breanna, naïve as she might be, she can be the loving girlfriend one wishes always for.

Oh! Boy that learn-ned pussy wan kill me con spoil my relationship o, imagine
Na today you sabi?

Femi laughed as he spat the bitter truth

Guy, nemesis sabi tail us o, na wetin devil wan use spoil your happiness with Breanna be dis o, how many fuck we don fuck wey sweet pass, crazy pass, were u wan talk say this ancient pussy naim go crown all the victorious bednastic wey you don do?

We all burst out laughing. When Femi gets like this, no clown can beat him

Well, call me old school but when has love stopped real Nigerian men form wanting to frack more ladies?
We sabi love sef, pastor chuks?
Well wetin we know na love, weda nor be the right way or naim, we go still love an frack arside

We laughed some more and drank some more. Life is as easy as we make it but recalling the events of yesterday was like a renewed punishment for a deed the gods could not forgive.  

All week, I avoided her like a plague, gave different silly excuse why I couldn’t be at the hospital even till they discharged my boss. Now that was the problem, I could not avoid not visiting him at home when he was discharged, so I visited same day he got home. We greeted like we always do but he always had this frown when he shook me, then he will stare deep into my eyes, dragging me to him, then he would smile and shake on. I knew it was a warning but for who I could ever tell. After our ceremonial handshake on this faithful day, I walked to the kitchen to get a glass of water. Kind of thankful she was nowhere around. Breanna had offered to take her Dad up to his room so he could rest after the trip from the hospital. I walked freely to the kitchen and that’s when she sprung on me, startling me. She was wearing long nighties, white and transparent. I could feel every curve with my eyes, from the way her pelvic curved in a V down to her tinny, just growing, pubic hairs. Her nipples were big, brown and funny…ERECT. She laughed and lined on the wall, licking her glass of wine.

Scareddy cat, you are just a pussy through and through

That got me, not what she said but the way she laughed. It got me erect immediately and without thinking, I glued her to the wall with my body and planted a deep kiss on her lips while my fingers quickly went beneath her dress and I inserted the middles finger in her rush , deep inside her. She moaned so loud all I could hear was my sperm rush down my lil man. Her hands grabbed me behind while she tried to hug my legs with hers. I pressed more into her, fingers deeper, kiss harder and other finger, pinching hard at her nipples.

Will, will where are you, am ready, let’s leave

I pulled away from her and stared her hard in the eye while she looked on like a sad puppy. I had her and I had her bad. I didn’t even smile, I just looked at her hard after pulling away, leaving her hanging, wanting me, begging me, with no words.

Breanna, I’m in the kitchen, coming out in a bit

I looked at her this time, stingingly. A warning, then I turned away, walking out on her and out of the kitchen. I heard her moan in pain and slide down, leaning still on the wall, probably sobbing.
It gives me so much pleasure thinking about it. Now she will know the rumours are true and I take no prisoners. Now she would wish she never seduced me.

Will it’s obvious you have just taken another woman down haba, see your hard-on for were strong men like us dey. If we nor know you, we go think say you dey do men o, chei, my man, that girl don suffer

We all laughed but this is a story I am not willing to share with my boys.

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