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Wednesday, July 22, 2015

W-I-L-L 3

Will, will are you there?’ she sobbed into the phone
‘What’s wrong baby, of course I am here’
‘Dad had a stroke, that was what she was trying to tell me and I was too angry to listen’
‘Stroke, you serious, how is he now?’
‘Well, he is asleep, doctors say he is stable but needs rest’
‘ I will be there as soon as possible dear’

Line went dead
It’s funny how spite stops us from getting through to each other. Breanna didn’t need to hate her step mum cause her mum died years ago when she was 13. Then it was just her and her dad till 2years ago when her dad ran into miss gorgeous.  The thought of her still gives me a hard on and I wonder what the real deal will be like. I could just see her sway her full hips in my minds eye. Hips as huge as a hippo’s with bum well rounded like a good mould of pounded yam only this was as soft as mouka foam yes, I know it will be soft. My dick throbs just thinking about taking her in my arms and doing some nasty to her. I shake my head to senses, I cant be lusting over my boss’s wife and my girlfriends step mum, wow that combination made my dick throb one for a good combo lol, it will be the killer combo of all weird people you’ve had sex with episode.

As I was rushing towards my car, heading for the hospital, my phone rings. It was Oke.

My guy

My guy

Whats apppppp!

Men! Not a good day so far o, my boss had a stroke and breanna is off her head in tears.

Wow, I don’t want to be you right now. Though when you see your step mother inlaw, squeeze one butt for me ok? (he laughed)

Guy, you want make bree stab me with injection ba? And I don’t do such joh, I am retired

Retired my gbolar, if she stands in front of you naked please tell me you will gradually help her put  her dress back on

Off course I will, gradually, making sure my skin brushes against her curves, then her boobs and… (I started to throb again)

Mennnn…guy…I don’t want to be you right now ah-ahn, hear the lust in your voice

Common shatap there, oya bye-bye

I hung the phone with both of us laughing hysterically. As I drove to the hospital, all I could think of was what I did do if I ran into her naked. Will I actually control myself? What of if she threw herself at me, would I stop myself? I doubt I would though, given the way my heart beats anytime I see her  just like now; I slowed down as I drove into the hospital parking lot. Not cause I was being careful, no, but cause she was there, bent over, reaching out for something in her car. I swear she saw me coming and decided to torment me like always; she lingered longer, lifting one leg and I could feel it behind me, urging my bum to penetrate further. I shook my head and quickly screeched, swaying, just barely missing the wall protruding from a parking lot line. She heard the screech and looked up as I blushed all over from embarrassment, she smiled and winked at me. I swear she winked at me. I just gently parked my car, staring horridly at my erect dick. Like for real, what am I going to do.
I walked quickly into the hospital as my dick went flaccid, but as I got in, she appeared in front of me and so close I could feel her breathe, heavy, on my chest hair. I start to breathe so fast as she walked closer to me, whispering in my ear

Hi, sorry about your boss

She laughed, that devilish teasing laugh that gets me so wanting her and then, she walked away. I stood there like a log of wood, I couldn’t move, the lust was getting stronger and she…she was playing hard.

Hey Will, thanks for coming

My girl said, kissing my cheeks as she saw me walk into the ward where my boss was. I looked over her and waved at my boss as he gave a weak smile. Then I waved at her; she was seated by his side, holding his hands. As I looked at her, she leaned forward seductively and kissed his arm as she winked at me. I quickly perked my girl and told her I will be waiting for her in the waiting room.
As I sat down, thinking to myself that this had to stop. I had to corner that woman and show her she shouldn’t mess with a guy like me, I would so fuck the living day lights out of her, that next time she sees or hear from…


My thoughts froze at the sound of her voice. I turned to see her, making herself comfortable in the seat next to me. I smiled, she smiled back

It’s sad you know, watching your man jerk, thinking he was cumming but he was actually having a stroke

She looked at me and saw me turn red. She laughed

Com’on dear, we are adults you know. Wow, is that not MAD magazine, gosh I miss it

Without a warning, she leaned across me to get the magazine from the magazine rack. I swear she did it on purpose cause she wiggled, brushing her boobs on my thighs then she pressed forward and I could feel her soft boobs on my thighs, I swear, I lifted a palm to try and reach for a squeeze but it was frozen. I turned to look at her bum staring at me, wanting me, telling me to take it and ram it like a bull rams into a red cloth. My dick throbbed under her and before I could stop it, it touched her. Making her bounce back in shock, giggle as usual.

You naughty-naughty Will; is that who I think it is, tell me his name?

Her voice had changed, it was deep, husky and in a whisper

Will, William!

My girlfriend’s angry voice brought me back to my senses and I quickly leaned away from her and turned to face my girl

Yes bree!

I said shakily

I am ready to leave now

She said, eyeing her step mum who didn’t even turn to look at her but concentrated on the magazine, laughing at nothing.
 I got up slowly and ran to the convenience as Bree disappeared into her dad’s ward. I smelt trouble lurking at the door and wasn’t surprised to see her at the door

Some other time, when she is far away, I will get to findout if you are really the ‘will’ people have been talking about.

She walked away, wiggling that ass the way I like, making me want to grab and bite them. This was a test and I already failed.

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