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Monday, July 6, 2015

W-I-L-L 1

Living has been quiet fun. I have a healthy life, good friends who I hang out with every Friday, a good girlfriend who is ready to do anything I want and she is a marvelous cook and a family who I can count on anytime of the day. Yes, my mum still does my laundry and sends me soups every weekend. My fridge is filled with both ladies food and, drinks from friends. I do live an entertaining life plus I got my own lil negative side; my boss gorgeous wife is attracted to me and I LOVE the attention.
I noticed one Friday afternoon as she visited him in the office.
Hey Will, is Bode around?
Na, he stepped out (actually, he went with his young and sexy PA, I think they are hitting it)
Hmmm, so we are a lone yeah?
She said with that sexy twinkle in her eyes. She cat walked to me, her hips swaying with defined moves. I smiled. I looked straight into her eyes and she didn’t blink. Now she was close to me and I could smell her sweet perfume, I could also smell her juice, it tasted like strawberries on apple pie. Yes, from a ladies perfume, I could tell what she could taste under. Her tongue, prob will taste like pineapples (ladies try to taste sweet and will do anything to).
Let’s have a drink, you know we Urhobo ladies drink heavily so we could compete, tequila shots, first to go down
I smiled.
I like the sound of that
I stood up, empowering her with my height and well built body. I could feel her breath heavy, obviously, she held it as I stood up. I walked away towards the photocopier, pretending to pick up a document. She smiled and turned her back towards me, walking towards the exit
When you’ve got the balls, buzz me
I didn’t turn around to see her leave, no, I just smiled and looked down at the silly erection I was trying to hide from her.
One day homie, one day.
At the bar, I couldn’t stop thinking about her, she had this great curve, full and rounded in all angles. She was pretty, 5.8 and full, her boobs were rounded and big, I bet each was the same size of my head, then she had hips, the figure 8 had nothing on her, she was a full melon up and especially between her hips. Then her bum, wow, I could get lost with my head inbetween. I smiled as I imagined her smile…
Will, will, who is this one now? Who is the girl tormenting you?
Chuks forget, you do not want to hear this and I, not willing to tell
 They all burst into laughter
Na problem be that then, this one wey you no wan talk so
Oke chipped in. I looked at my pals; we have been friends from school, four of us but today, Bello was absent. He was fasting, he is the only one I can confide in that will understand. For the rest, a married woman is a no-no especially when she is my boss’s wife and girlfriend’s step mum.
No not a problem, just might be one of you’s sister
We all laughed as Oke made to give me a punch. It was a silent rule amongst us, no dating of each other’s sisters or favorite cousins except its for real and you will marry her but, marriage was far from our thoughts. We were young and full of life’s greatest fun.
O boy, Temisan is preggy o, wetin I go do?
No be the 3rd one be this? Guy you need be father o
Oke hated abortion and was never comfortable when  Chuks mentioned his girl being pregnant. They had been dating since secondary school and we wonder why he just didn’t let her have his baby and marry her. He seemed serious with her as we have never seen him with other lady.
Come Chuks, you dey try confirm say you fit give babe belle? How can you get her preggy for the 3rd time in a year?
See, I feel she is trying to trap me o, after how many years of chi-banging, why na this year she just dey carry belle anyhow? Man need reason o
Common, even if na trap, 10 years with her never reach? U wan finish the girl dump? You love her so do what is right with her
Love is a long thing my friend, e no easy to put babe for house o, if so why you never marry Efe? Abi she never reach be Mrs Oke?
We all laughed knowing the history of the name ‘Mrs Oke’ silently, we continued drinking, pensive about the future but my future was in my boss’s wife’s thighs.

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