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Friday, July 10, 2015

W-I-L-L 2

I love my girl, she was cute, sexy body, just the right size and the right flirtatious moves when need be but she had this childish spoilt brat-ness about her.
So how do I look, do I look feisty enough? Grrrr (she tried to purr like a lioness)
She had this sexy number on; it did a good one on her curves. Showing a bit of everything here and there, wanting you to find out what is hidden under; it was black in colour, net lingerie so you could see her fair skin from beneath it. It had two strings as the hands and was directly under her cute round butt. When she turned to face me, I could see her peaking from beneath, she hadn’t shaved for some days now and that usually turn me on, I could feel me getting hard…

So will, what do you think?

I think you should shut the fuck up while I enjoy staring at you under that..  


Oh great, you just got it?


She said, jumping into the bed with me, irritating me a little for spoiling my fun. Yes, I love to watch a lady dress or undress in front of me, especially teasingly

I got it for you. Planning to wear it after the meeting of Friday cause I know you’ll ace it

Now you can see what I was talking about? She bought it to celebrate me yet she is showing me before the celebration and spoiling the fun of surprise and TEASING. This is were it gets so irritating with her, she has no ounce of what being a lady in bed is all about, she acts like a child…

Sweets, why are you lost? And I can see you are upset; did I upset you, you don’t like?

Na it’s not you dear

I said pushing her off me, trying to control my anger

Just thinking about the meeting, I worked hard on the documents and pray it flies

Now that was a lie from the pits of hell, I worked smart not hard on the documents and I know it will fly. My anger is her never getting the message

It will dear, trust my dad, he’ll love it

Now that is another part I hate. It was always about her dad; dad’s girl. I smiled as the thought of daddy’s wife crept into my head. The way she walked softly but defined towards me, the way she licked her lips when she smiled and bite the lower lip as she tries to laugh…

Come to bed dear, let’s not spoil the night

I turned to look into her cute innocent eyes; they were true, honest and kind. I loved her, I loved her yes, but I wanted more, I wanted to also lust over her, to desire her, to ravish her with my eyes as I long to ravish her step mum. I kissed her lips and smiled as she led me to bed just then, the phone rang and she jumped happily like a child and ran off to pick her handset, killing the feeling that was slowly building inside of me. YES, SHE CAN BE BORING.

Hello Dad

She said excitedly and all of a sudden, her voice dropped and the sweet little daddy’s girl turned to a beast

Why are you calling me with my dad’s number, you have no right to use his phone, I don’t fucking care that he put a ring on you , next time you want to call  me, use your own line.

She flung the phone against the wall as I watched, not surprised, as it fell to the ground in pieces. It was her 3rd phone this month. I really do not know why she hated her so much and I feel for her

Babe, you didn’t even listen to what she had to say

She smiled at me, wow, when she does that, I shiver. The way she switches from being sweet to a beast to being sweet again.

Whatever she has to say has to wait cause I need to fuck you right now

She giggled, ran to me and jumped on me, kissing me hungrily. I loved it when she gets this animalistic but it doesn’t stop the fear of her temper and the imagination of what she was capable of especially when she finds out that the woman she detest doesn’t just have the attention of one of her men but both of them.

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