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Wednesday, January 5, 2011

9ja For Life!

As the New Year emerges, people look up with faith and renewed enthusiasm one that lightens up the heart and give hope to the spirit. New Year always spells new beginnings; being able to try again, make it work, build the stance, create afresh, and work at it.
My fear is that this passion is so personal that we fail to include our nation into the new stance. Nigeria is an old baby that refuses to grow. We have left her to the hands of our political leaders forgetting she belongs to us all and not a few in the so called power; we hold the power cause we are Nigeria. We dream of a Nigeria with constant power supply, good education, up to date facilities to run our health section with dedicated and well learned medical practitioners, Rulers who think more of us than of their pocket, a system that works and not just talks, a life that inspires and not despair, roads that leads and not destroys, buildings that reach and not collapse, food that feeds and not kill, drugs that give wellness and not send us to the graves too early, an HIV/AIDS free nation, a cancer ridden country and poverty-dead society.
This is our heart desires that we have put to sleep for so long cause we fail to realize the power we have to CHANGE it. Everyone knows the adage that ‘the words of the mouth are powerful’ yet we go to sleep with that voice buried within. Asking silly questions that start with WHY instead of WHYNOT! It’s said that ‘little droplets makes a mighty ocean’ not a failed tap. It’s said ‘pikin wey say him mama no go sleep no go sleep too’. It’s time to release those vocals.
Sing, shout, speak, talk, discuss, cry, laugh but just say something that WILL bring about the change we so dream of. The change we so speak of, the change we so long for. For us, our children and our children’s children till the world ends (and it ain’t going nowhere in May 21st, 2011 lol).
Believe! our voice can make that change and our vote can deliver our quest. Cause when we don’t speak or vote, it gives those few the power to manipulate and steal from us.
Let your voice be heard this 2011, let’s stop all the cheating, all the crime, all the bombing and all our fake tears for we own the POWER TO CHANGE things in 9ja! So when the person by your side tells you ‘why’, tell him/her ‘whynot’! It’s time to make that change count, speak-out and the rest will follow.

By the way, Happy New Year 9(winks)

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