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Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Story of my life(Reflections)

In the years have come to see, I’ve realized that I can count on my male friends more than the females. That they understand me better and I them; that the females are finicky especially when it comes to male matters and act like real fish heads. They can sell out their fellow female friend just to get the man they so want (how pathetic).
I resolve to sit back and watch, evaluate and weigh the friendship with both parties and I foundout;
1.       I have more male friends than female
2.       For every male clic that I have that contains nothing less than 10guys, I have just 1 female friend
3.       That the female friends I have and can count on are either male oriented like me or younger and look up to me like a snr sister
4.       That my male friends are more than friends to me, they are family and business partners
5.       That the female friends are friends and confidants
6.       That when the females get married, the friendship suffers but when the males get married, I have an additional female friend
7.       That my male friends really adore me and believe in me (now this is where they both have the same feelings towards me) plus the females
8.       That my males friends are ready to fight by my side without understanding the problem but my female friends are ready to talk me out of the fight (laughing in pidgin)
9.       That as the years pass by, I add more great male friends into my life and I continually deviate from female friends
10.   That I can trust all my male friends to death and can only trust zara, Joy, lyn, nky, orode and folake and my cousin natasha to death.
This said, I now understand why my sisters see me as a last result for strict advice with high confidence and secrecy, not the babe they want to take shopping and talk lovey dovey stories with, they see me as a business oriented babe, a strong hearted none sending, no male loving babe. I understand why my friends see my as “their guy” and understand better that last year, I was wasting my time trying to make more female friends.
So after all this analyses, I have decided that this is my part; from a small innocent girl who always (without knowing) did stuff a male would do to a matured woman who many say thinks and writes like a man; that I don’t want to be a man but I was blessed to just have the sexiness of a lady but the brains of a man and that I should enjoy this blessing that my LORD as bestowed upon me, and not beat myself when guys say ‘why do u act like a man, do u think u are a man’. This blessing has made me a multitalented lady who can multitask and think on her feet. A great marketer and ideas machine-a creative animal with the intelligence of a greek god and the brutality of a greek goddess.
To all the great male friends in my life – Anwar Hassan, Ebisan(the love of my life), Oke, Sly(Barzini), Nejeep(my sweet brother), Marcel(shinomori), Niyi(Neyobraski), Obinna(Rambo), Emeka(Ice), Emeka and Chuks Ihejirika, Laolu, Chuma, Aimuan, Kunle, Hali, Choko, Tomiwa, Roy, Phil, Josey, Matthew(Ghost), Godwin, Austin(Felon X), Ifeanyi(Bravo), Dan(Smiley), Nubi, Mr Anis, Dc Batth, Tmak; I love you guys always.
To the new additions- Davis, Henry(madman), Timothy Adaka, Jeremiah, Dapo, Bateeatus(Tosyn), Awah, Tunji, Gabriel, Ranti, Ade, Tiny(Tayo), Ike Ani, Asoto; let’s see how it goes.
To My Sisters( the Ukey babes)- the best sisters and cousins any lady would ask for. Zara, Unuye, Marilyn (Lyn) and Nkechi (Nky) thanks for being the best ladies in my life, for counting always and never failing me. Orode, Folake and my sweet cousin-Natasha, you guys are the best. Our wife, Jenifa Anagbado-I love u always.
To the people who believed so much in me and pushed me up the ladder of advertising without even knowing me- Obinna Okeke, Alphy, Kunle Shittu, Rita(SOnU), Faith, Sola Kosoko, Tmak, Tiny, Femi(TBWA), Ranti, Tope Gbenro, Mrs Shorte, Debo, Debola Mobee, Julius, Biodun, Obinnali, Tito, Funmi, Chiso, Seun, BJ and all the others I met on my walk to fame may God continually bless you guys.
To my darlyn Savior – God the Father, Son and Holy Spirit; may I continually use my talent to Your glory.
Pray for me oh holy Mother of God, that I may be made worthy of thy Son’s kingdom.
All the Angels and Saints – Pray for me.
May the soul of my sweet brother Kennedy Ukey through the mercy of God, continually rest in perfect peace.


  1. it's good to always appreciate people who ave been there for you. Nice one!

  2. Sush,

    You have come a long way. I like your drive and tenacity in pushing this idea. It is the essence needed for success. I know this will grow. More grease to your elbow and best wishes always. I believe in you.