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Thursday, February 10, 2011

Knowledge that craves!

I love life like I love oxygen yet I smell death with a passion built out of curiosity.  Is there a sense of knowledge in the land of the dead? Do one know he is dead when he is? I fear not the unknown cos I bliv the unknown is nothing to be scared of!
I believe that as far as life can be conquered then death as well can be ruled. I enjoy life like a sweet piece of cake, will death taste as good as that? I bliv in another life and that one transcends from a life to another and the short transition is death but you awake to grow in another womb, another continent, another TIME!
A 360 degree I call life, always going round never ending. Pray forgive my stupidity if you call it that but its my mind I spit out wit the venom of knowledge that transfer wisdom to the mind.
To breathe is to walk the earth knowing you can communicate with the other. To sit and think is to commune with the inner being knowing there are forces higher and stronger. Wisdom comes from knowing that nothing is imposible and leave space for happenings and openings.
Bless me Father for I blaspheme not, just curious of the world you brought me into.  

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