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Friday, February 18, 2011

Dreams n Stories!

Everyone has a story to tell
If truth be told, the story ain’t nice
We all dream of a world of make believe
Where prince charming lives and beauty sings
Where the dwarfs help and witches give apples
Why is it that the sins of the fore fathers never affected the stories?
Why is it that pegasus had wings to fly?
Why the greek gods where so fine
And the roman’s so heartless
With reality, the stories play a different tune
Facing the arrows piecing deep
The wicked gets riches and the good well...
The story of life transcends gods and witches
Yes, we want to dream and not wake up
Yet we fear death for dreams are temporary death(touching a cord?)
My story is that of good and evil
Of wars and victories
Let me start like the books and end like them
Once upon a time there was a girl named...
Hmm! Well, it ended happily heavenly after.
Dream with me and live the reality of our story.
Yes, welcome again to my madness!

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