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Thursday, March 10, 2011

The Dream!

In everything I give thanks. Thanks to family, loved ones, my creator and fellow well wishers yet I can’t help but think, that if I had no dream I’ll have nothing to be grateful for. For my dreams propel me to be more and these people with the blessings from above helped me to make them come true.
We have dreams and we have DREAMS! The ones that wakes us up at night thinking and we can’t go back to sleep due to excitement, the ones that makes us knock our head against a poll during the day while taking a stroll. The ones that make our food turn cold from neglect and our bitter drinks sweet on our tongue from lack of concentration.
These dreams are what make us, propel us to be better people; to have the comfort, the joy, the riches. These dreams keep us going, toiling, pushing; for more, for love for WANT! Funny thing is that the dream never ends. It keeps birthing and birthing and fulfilling more energy, more zeal!
I know what my dreams are, I build on them daily. I know what I ache for, I soothe them daily for I know my world can’t be, won’t be complete if I don’t live that which my heart ponders for. It’s a destiny to fulfill and grant the world a record that is called ME! It’s an achievement to collect and grant the grave a history to behold.
I build on my dreams daily, I know that if I fulfill them, I’ll die a kind death, a peaceful one. I want to die as I live, with my name on the lips of so many ways after I leave a spot. A name with no end and so much goodness to talk about. That name is history that I know is worth having only if I fulfill my dreams!

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