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Monday, March 21, 2011

The Quest!

The elections are coming. I look forward to it like a mother to her new baby only my enthusiasm will end with me feeling left out when people go out to vote (pls dnt ask why). This election to me is a rebirth. There is hope in the air, hope that change is coming near. I feel it in my bones, in the steps of my dancing feet and I soooo want to be a part of this revolution. I spit the venom of change like a poisonous snake defending itself.
Nigeria is such a beautiful and free country so why do we spoil it with corruption like if we hate it? Why do we kill her and watch as she suffocates? We all have a hand in her slow death so we all have to help resurrect her. I say pray and act with the mind of a beast about to be evicted from his home and left in the wild to suffer and die.
Act with the knowledge that the benefit might not be yours but definitely be for that of your children. Act with the mind that she is your mother and she is weak and needs your help. Watch how our voices make demands and get the demands met.
No wars, just like the mafia just talk it through. We are the people; we make up Nigeria not the government. So let our voices speak volume and bring about the change we so desire.
Let the youths wake up and start asking “why”. Why is there no electricity or fuel and GEJ claim he has worked on the refineries. Why is PDP claiming they appreciate or support women folks yet we know no PDP lady contesting as deputy or even vice president and this we ask AC too.
Why must we leave school and search years and years for jobs to end up doing work we don’t have a passion for? If we are really the giant of Africa then why can’t we boast of good things like our fellow African countries boast of?
Am scared of the cheats, the lies, and the corruption; is the world really coming to an end? (I dnt bliv sha). So many questions with answers I fear to receive but I believe we can MAKE A CHANGE.
Don’t give up my fellow brothers and sisters; let’s keep trying to make our nation great!

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