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Friday, March 11, 2011

Life in 9ja

Tatata…tatata…the sound of a woodpecker hammering away on a tree by my window; wakes me up every morning followed by the sound of different birds singing, tweeting away-I love the sound, in fact grew up with it and listened for it every morning.
Stepping out of my place is another mystery into the Naija spirit. Knowing you belong to this edifice is a good but sometimes disturbing feeling.  As I walk down the street to the bus-stop I greet everyone I know; people from different tribes, different colors and different looks, not just the face but looks. I smile with the knowledge of the race. A race racing to greatness. Now a frown on my face; one of the ‘disturbing’ feelings- a pot at a T-junction on my way. Our traditions can be disgusting at times but then no matter how Christianity  or Islamic tries, our tradition still lurks somewhere in our spirit. So disgustingly evil and it strikes me, evil is everywhere, every country -remember the movie “devil’s advocate” with AL Pacino and Keanu Reeves? Yeah, that can’t just be a movie; it happens over there too.
Now in the bus on my way to work, since my car parked-up, I’ve been jumping bus and I’m not liking it at all. Now am stuck in traffic; the famous Lagos traffic. Hmm! I wonder when Lagos will stop having traffic jams? I have been to other state of the federation from Oyo to Ogun, Edo to Delta, Benue to Abuja not to mention a few and I get traffic only in Lagos. Probably one of the reasons I love the town. Yes, I love the hustle- it gives you a drive to succeed.
I smile as I step into the office; the warmth of a nation. Chats, Laughter and a few frowns. Love it all the same. Can any other African country emit this spirit? The spirit to succeed beyond imagination despite all odds; the spirit to strive to be one of the world’s power countries, the lion of Africa; the spirit to be one despite the cultural diversity and multi-ethnic groups; this spirit is Nigeria!
I love Naija even though living in it sometimes can be a hassle.
My day at the office ends and I start my journey back home. Yes, a journey it is as the hustle screeches to an end. I wonder how some people manage to work so far from where they live cause despite mine is short, I still see it as a journey then imagine those who live in Ibadan or Shagamu and work in Lagos. They come every morning and leave every evening. Hmmm! Dem dey try cos me I no fit! As I said, the hustle though strong in Lagos, is everywhere in Naija. “Man must hammer” (laughs). I retire to my bed, say a lil prayer for me and my country as the crickets puts me to temporary rest; always noise around (chuckles).

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  1. a short story writen in 2009 titled 9 to 5 but in 9ja we all know it's 8 - 7 and in my kind of job, 8 to when eva is thru with ur job. lol