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Thursday, March 24, 2011


Fun, party and flirting is my virus. It’s eaten deep into my soul that it comes naturally to me. I love to party everyone around me knows that and with me, you’ll love to party too. I love to dance, to me, dancing with someone I really like and flirting with him on the dance floor is much more fun than sex.
Don’t get me wrong tough, that I smooched you on the dance floor don’t mean ama end up in bed with you…NOP! That’s where it ends, on the dance floor. That’s why am queer; I flirt with no further intention. For the flirt of it, you’ll think oh she is gonna do me tonight and am def gonna do you wrong lol.
Like a virus too, am dangerous. If you get carried away with me there is a great possibility you’ll get burnt. I’m infectious- highly. I also have a bad habit of switching feelings as quick as a snap of the fingers. Making you wonder if I was pretending or you were dreaming.
Even in relationships, when am out of it, the guys get surprised about how my feelings for them dropped cos when inside I give them my all; beats me too.  #thinking.

All in all, I’m my own virus. People tell me to slow down and I wonder to where? I,m not even doing half of the things I internally want to so what’s fast about me?
Guess I was just born different; no wonder they all call me weird!


  1. I sure understand how it feel dearie. but let me tell you, the fact that you are different doesn't make you wired, rather it's other who are. there is so much to live for with so limited time, why slow down...If anybody wanna catch up let them meet us in front....