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Thursday, April 21, 2011

lost my sense of humor

I let my hair down so a lot of dirt passes through even as I try to be understanding, it’s taken for granted. Imagine been hassled for N1,500 when the hassle is owing the hassled N10,000? This country really needs a hero with an iron hand.
Every day I ask the Lord to give me the strength to continue in my good deeds and understanding nature cos as much as I see heaven at the end of the tunnel, hell wants me to serve some peeps its hot fire.
Am free spirited and that also makes me a loner. That I refuse to be in the “clic” should tell you I’m a one man army. I mingle with the crowd but I STAND OUT cos I wasn’t born to FIT IN. I’m a born LEADER; people follow me I don’t.  I’m proud to make such statements cos I know am a blessed child. I also know haters hate and they fear me cos they always hate what they don’t understand and fear what they can’t control.
Am the enigma and my mystic has taken me far and wide; opened my eyes to the world of possibilities,  building positivity, embracing productivity. I’m ME the SHE that has and will continue to BE.
It’s a pity I’m too strong for most but I know my attitude only attracts like minds and we ARE ACHIEVERS.
So before you think of hating me, I suggest you grow up and join me cos the only thing my aura emits is WEALTH and more WEALTH.

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