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Monday, July 4, 2011

I'm sprung!

It hits me in the face like a thousand bricks
Lust creeping in, bitch slapping my guts
Fingers dig deep, gushing blood
All up in my face was the truth and I threw my head to the side
Is it all a mirage?
The voices laugh at my very being
Clapping cymbals that hurts the soul
Cutting deep in revenge
The distance once a blessing now a curse
I saw the writings but I refused to read the words
Please stop, I plead to it
My heart bleeds in places I felt where long dead
Please stop, I cry out
To a voice I believe can hear the words n stop the hurt
Focus a precious stone I now dig for
Why was I so stupid to believe?
With feelings I could not phantom
Waking up to a truth I thought was long gone
Walk with me pain, for I am doomed
Stroll along lonely abandonment
Wise men once thought me wise
Foolishness now my middle name
My heart knew yet my ears behold the voices
Please let it all be but a dream
Shakespeare would have slapped me too
I’m so stupid I cant even beginning to understand
I’m supposed to be the dreamer
How did I become the character?
How could I have believed the voices?
What did I do wrong!

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