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Friday, June 17, 2011

Awaken - Suicide bombers!

Funny, I seem to like the disaster of yesterday; it shows we are gradually getting there.
1st suicide bombing in Nigeria-waoh! We go wake-up now, our politician’s go start to fear, them go know say we don arrive!
As bad as it seems, this will make Nigerians see the possibilities inherent in us. The strength and the will we feel died ages back. The silence we kept for so long is now VOICING OUT. We can change our country for the better. We can actually do things like the western countries. We have the power to do so much more and WE SHOULD.
We’ll see now the police force will change; they will be well trained, well paid and well equipped and so ready to combat future disasters like yesterday. The military also will wake up, politics’ will be tighter, and crimes will lessen.
Welcome Nigeria, to the new age of reality!

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