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Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Birthday Blues!

Adding another year soon to my cap!

Looking back at the path I took, I feel no regret, no remorse or pain. I love my son, he is everything to me. He is smart, intelligent and unavoidably handsome. Funny, I still don’t look like a mum lol.

In all these years, I have learnt to love, to forgive, to laugh and to enjoy all the gifts life gives. I have learnt to appreciate everyone, to understand their short comings and learn to see beyond the surface. In this knowledge, I have grown old and wise but funny; my face grows younger by each passing day and my skin glow from pride.

I abuse my drink (laughing hysterically at the thought that I got sexyberry drunk with my bad habit n lost her-sexyberry is my white bold2), I abuse my sleep(still love to dance the night out every weekend and even week days) so I wonder how I still help to keep my skin soft and glowing and my face so young.

But I can tell you this for free, my care free nature and peace with the world is what gets me going, happiness gives good and everlasting health…believe it. Positive thinking gets you places as well as a healthy mind.

To all the friends who have made my years, family who stand continuously by me and enemies who fight me to give me strength, tanks for am going to enjoy all of u in my life again and again and again till my good Lord calls me.

To the men who have made me laugh, cry, smile and DANCE; I appreciate all of u and wish u all happiness and love. To the man who’ll finally have me for better or worse, I know you’ll be the happiest man on earth.

But for now, ama enjoy life to the fullest as always because as my name implies…I LOVE MY WORLD (AKPOMEJEVWE).

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