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Tuesday, May 10, 2011

The big bite- marriage is all about true LOVE!

What’s love got to do with getting married?
The forbidden fruit a blessing in marriage?

I remember when I was 15 and some and I fell in-love with my baby’s dada; point of correction, I thought I was in-love but I was really obsessed cause  one time we quarreled, I drank 5tabs of valium 5 or 10(cant remember) to kill myself. Thank God I just slept off for about 25hours on and off and didn’t pass a way cause that’s the most stupid thing ever to do for a guy. Then I grew-up, went to the university and fell in-love for real with my dazzling prince charming, the guy I call “deception”. It was a beautiful 4years relationship cause no matter the hurt, the joy is all I remember.
Why this story; it baffles me when people claim they love their spouse yet, even after the vow, they still cheat on them. If you are really in-love, will another appeal to you? When I was with the guy I love(d) no other man appealed to me. Yes, as a natural flirt, I did flirt with other guys but none’s kiss pleased me like his, none’s touch appeased my soul it was just what the books say it was, what the songs sang about what the fairytales made me dream about; it was PERFECT. (I want to feel that again)
So it really baffles me the way men cheat and now, the women are in on the game. The cheating spree. Before they call marriage a trap, now it’s the bedrock of freedom to have any woman you want without her trying to hook you. It’s now the game you can play and enjoy playing other games and the only thing I can think caused all these, is that they were NEVER IN-LOVE.
I remember days with my dad, the affection he showed me wasn’t the same he showed my mum, yes I know he was fond of my mum but what really made me want to be in-love was my mum and step dad. They were always holding hands, kissing, dancing together and doing all the things that was done in the movies. Yes I felt the love. I felt the love when my mum wakes up 5am in the morning to make sure she had breakfast with him before he left for work. I felt the love when my mum takes out time to learn a new English or French meal to entice him at the dining table during the weekends (yes, I’m among the few who ate on a dining table maybe because both dad’s had a foreign background). I felt the love when on good Fridays' we were woken up and told to go into the garden to find the Easter eggs(my mum and step dad spend the night painting them then early mornings hiding them). When we went to the beach and when my mum found her artistic side learning her husband’s love for oil paint. Now, that I want to feel in my home and it has nothing to do with him being German.
Most of our ladies marry because they feel they are the age to and so accept any proposal made to them without even knowing the man, his loves, his wants and his dreams. Some marry cause he is rich while others because he is the only one that has proposed and their clock is ticking. Some men marry because they feel she is the one that has taken my shit, the one that has accepted who I am, the only one that agreed to date me when I didn’t have anything or the one my parents like. Forgetting marriage is more than just their happiness they have to consider the kids that’ll come in for they only can see through the relationship at home. They know when there is no love and it affects them emotionally, subconsciously, they grow to also find it hard to show love or feel it. Making the world full of people who seek happiness in SEX and wonder why after so many lovers they still can’t be HAPPY.
Love is a beautiful thing, once you experience it you’ll always want to experience it cause one minute of love cover years of none. When I see my ex, I remember most of the good times and never remember the bad until him or someone reminds me of a bad.
I really urge all my friends especially to marry for LOVE. In this changing world, that’ll be the only thing that’ll hold us together, build beautiful homes free from cheats and birth lovely kids that feel love which helps them grow into happy people, making fantastic choices that’ll shape them and the world in general.

Think deep within you if you’re married and ask yourself, “do you really love your spouse” and not just the mouth tingy cause if you do, no one will ever come close and you definitely WON’T CHEAT!

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