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Tuesday, May 3, 2011

A consonant made the difference!

Monday morning -May 2, 2011 marks a new dawn of happiness for those who lost their loved one in the Sept 11th mayhem that unleashed in the USA; When the twin tower, the glory of America, housing the world trade center crumbled to dust via a well thought out plan by a special terrorist group (the al-Qaeda),   headed by Osama, killed thousands of people in New York. 10years now and the victory is heard on the streets as the reign of the 1st black president brought the death of the terrorist known as Osama.

Just a consonant difference in both names, such huge power, what a celebration; President Obama sure is the change America has been waiting for. We believe now that the war against terrorism might have ended but the big question is- is America not basking in too much power hence now turning itself without consciously doing it, into a terrorist State?
Question for another era for now…

Big-ups Obama as you nailed Osama.

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