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Monday, May 9, 2011

Confession of the shrewd!

Sometimes I laugh at the thought of people’s idea about me
It makes me wonder, do these people think I came to earth for them?
I live to breathe to enjoy the pleasures of the world.
I seek the unknown that births ideas of riches
I know the ledge and use the knowledge to get where I need to go
A blessing giving at birth and used judiciously to please
I’m hated and loved at the same time by many
Because am different and that’s my motto
“I was born to stand out not fit in”
I’m a one man army driven by passion, executing passion
The creative world my bedrock to explore its sexual pleasures
Dance my cloud 9 and writing the arousal
I’m gifted with beauty and garnished with brains
Not my fault these blessings are immerse within me
But they also bear the negative for fear men have for a lady like me
They love to taste, keep around but fear to be in the life
Don’t fear the feelings cause I was born to be loved and hated at the same time
It gets me going, gets you committed to keep me growing
For you know my strength and my weakness at the same time
Yet you fear cause am unpredictable to a fault
But it’s not your fault, I also know not what am capable of doing till I get into the spot
I love me, the mystery surrounding me
And I bask in that mystery and use what some call a weakness as MY STRENGHT!
Know that and you’ll understand why you shouldn’t bother trying hard to understand my ways
Know that and you’ll appreciate my ways without pensive thoughts
I emit knowledge that you need to gain your worth.
Live, learn and LOVE.


  1. Hello sush.
    Its been a yle,you have a new bb now?
    Pls inbox new contact.

  2. LuchiF not gotten one yet but soonish.