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Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Nigeria - bedrock of creativity!

The creative mind is God’s gift to humans.
We are creative in so many ways that we know but do not exploit to the fullest. We are limite by our thoughts, observations and fears. We feel we not good enough, our friends don’t belive in us and our family finds us worthless.
Fear of our environ too play a huge part. Foreign things are the best, blacks can’t do shit, an illiterate can’t express creativity, Funds also play a major part and we encourage it to dissuade us.
Nigerians are blessed with so many opportunities; we are gifted in creativity. We miss -use our gifts and ignore our opportunities. Miss using our resources and taking for granted our opportunities. We are deep thinkers- understanding ways to get around things but FEAR is our biggest issue, self worth we lack.
The Igbo’s are blessed with craftsmanship. Give them any designer bag or shoe and they’ll replicate it to the minute detail. Yes, the product don’t last but think about it, if the government put in funds to help them, won’t they make a better product that will last?
Our film industry got good stories but the plots kill the movies why? No fund. If the governments invest in the industry and our producers take time out to shun out good plots and details, we would be top notch not only in films generated but also in creative work.
Our people are blessed with the voice. With or without education, our songs have gained top recognition. Yes, some of our artist can’t speak to save their lives and I’m not referring to 2face but they can sing to revive the dead. They need to be encouraged.
Check out our lands, have you ever tried planting something at your backyard? Watch it grow with or without your tender care that’s how productive our lands are. Yet we don’t exploit our agricultural sector. Imagine the catfish we breed, the chickens, turkey; still we import and hardly export and make things not just difficult but expensive for our country men/women.
Read far and near, we have Nigerians doing things we can’t imagine and there are a lot of us out there. If we don’t start appreciating what we do and build on our gifts, we’ll NEVER get this country to the peak we need it to get to.
Let’s invest in our God given gifts, let’s help our country grow stronger and believe in our work. The American bags do get old and bad someday don’t they? Yet they believe that their products are the best. Let’s believe in ours too.

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