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Thursday, August 18, 2011

wine n spirit

Cocktails have always been one of my delite. As an adventurous lady, I have always found fun in playing with food, drinks and games lol. Even with romance, experiment was in. tonight, I watched cocktails being mixed and enjoyed the different taste of pleasure. It wasn’t much to ask but it was a delight to behold and a lustful pleasure t my taste.
The organisers of the Nigerian wine and spirit festival takes this classes seriously and not as a means of lustfull pleasure like I did. People actually pay to understand the beauty of mixing. Mixing the alcoholic pleasures that graces not only my taste buds but my senses.
Now would take this course? Just maybe. Would I trail this path? Most definitely. As a lover of pleasure, the cocktail classes is not just a learning place but a fun and pleasurable avenue to bond with friends and my environs.
Don’t miss out on the 2011 edition of the Nigerian wine and spirit festival course if you do… you miss everything.

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