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Monday, November 28, 2011


I lie naked on my bed my left arm caressing my nipple as my right hand-jst a finger play round my lips, playfully drag d hairs round them
 Taking it up, I wet it wit my tongue n slide bak this time, touching my clits gently
Then I pinch hard as a scream escapes my lips, my left arm squeezes hand on ma tits and slowly reaches out for pinky I put pinky in mouth imagining him throbbing in my throat
   Another scream as my finger slowly goes in, my waist jecks upward Slowly, I glide pinky down, thru my cleavage, pass my navel n gently rub it against my clits
  Holding pinky with both hands now I push him hard inside me, my waist slightly off d bed with my head slanted backwards, I mourn in pleasure
 I push pink hard inside me, taking him whole, screaming in pain yet the pleasure engulfs my very being
 Out a little and in wit a quick push quickly my arm finds my tits n squeezes hard on them
   I roll over, lying on my tummy but hips raised, throbbing fast, biting hard on my pillow,in quick succession, squeezing my nipples n twisting
   I can feel my brain swell in pleasure as I quickly turn round again on my back
 I scream lik a lady possessed, twisting waist in a rhythm, anticlockwise as I throbb harder
   I feel d rush, I feel d pleasure, I  him urging me to cum, screwing me lik if to release d demon dt has jst possessed my body, I scream out, calling his name, longing 4him as I cum in multiples

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