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Sunday, August 25, 2013

The Kill

I always aim for the kill. My tactic is never noticeable; it’s slow, calculated but very active. Never let them know what runs through your mind or see you coming. People love to solve mysteries, be mystical in nature – The personality. When your mystery is solved, you become... uninteresting - Always give them something to look out for. Keep them guessing. You think you know me? Now decipher this. BAM! I hit you with another me from another angle. I don’t even know myself that’s why I love me - Mystery...suspense...attracts, holds the attraction.
Swinging by, I noticed him within the seconds my eyes turned towards the door as the security ushers him in. He was tall, great body (my fetish) and a very nice smile - 6ft 5 I presume. I smiled in my mind’s eye. The flirt in me woke up, ready for the kill. I sat behind my desk and pretended not to notice the presence before me. ‘Hi beautiful, I believe you are Mr Ernest’s personal assistant?’ without looking up, flipping through the files on my table that I had read 20times before and noticed nothing, I relied ‘Yes and who are you please’. He offered his hands ‘I am Mr Red, operations manager, Kay and Kay Company; He is expecting me I believe’. Raising my head slowly, with my killer smile and taking his hand I responded ‘Welcome Mr Red, we have been expecting you’ slowly I stood up and pointed towards a seat. ‘Do sit down please; Mr Ernest will be with you soon’. Yes, the intercom works. Yes, I could have called but that will stop the quest at a very mundane halt! I got up, straightened my skirt, heads up, and walked towards my boss’s office. ‘Ernest, Mr Red here to see you’ I called from the slightly opened door. He mumbled some words and I walked back, head up high. Standing in front of Mr Red I said ‘Mr Red, Mr Ernest will be attending to you in few’ with my quick killer smile, I offered him one after the sentence and straight face back again this time, I walked with a fast pace o my seat.
If he is aware of the game, he won’t fall but I never made the same move so they never get me. If he doesn’t know the game well, he would fall. Behind my seat I waited patiently for the signal. Beep. My intercom ‘Mr Red, you can go in now’. He walked straight into Ernest office without looking my way. Now that’s not good I thought to myself, head still focused on a blank paper in front of me. Yep, part of the game is to be able to see things even when you not looking their way. Anyway, plan B is on set, waiting. After an hour or so, He stepped out, shook hands with Ernest at the door and continued out to the security. My head still bent, waiting patiently. At the door, while shaking thanks to the security, he briefly looked my way as he tried to close the door. A smile grew on my face. Toug cookie but... GAME SET.


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