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Sunday, August 25, 2013

His Touch

He had a way with words

They touched where it matters most

I saw my life flash before my eyes

I knew the pain before the words where spoken

They drew lines round the wrinkles on my face

Dribbling my heart in a pool of blood

With 26letters, he tore me

5 just 5 vowels of pain

Consonants resonate my mood

Scattered, unpronounciable, shattered!

Yes, I called for it

I took pen and put it to paper

But I never expected him to respond

I wrote without knowing what

He responded straight from my heart

The words slapped me on my face

Like if I didn't write the words

Like if I didn't breathe life into him

His word shapern my very being

Next time, hands, do write what will make me smile!

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