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Thursday, May 31, 2012

Life's Riches

Friends, families and enemies…
In life they all count to build you. You have to prove your worth with all of them. The zeal to succeed starts with a push from an enemy, the zeal to remain from a family. The joy to continue from a friend and the pieces adds up to form your life.

I have searched far and wide, deep within me to find answers to questions bothering on deceit and lies. Cheats and killers and yet, no answer; In happiness and joy, riches and fun, an answer is gotten for every action pulled so.
It’s sad to know that no matter your deeds, a negative will creep and make you regret your need. A lone ranger we seem, our hearts longing too deep. Singing songs of longing, dancing to a tune unheard of, Pain shattering the love, anguish accomplishing the lust; still no answers
Life is full of all we want, of all we can make it seem like; don’t let another take that from you. Grab the best always out of life and be happy.

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